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WATCH: Muslims debate a man’s “Quranic right” to beat and humiliate his wife, tells victim of abuse: “You share responsibility. You drove him to beat you.”

Egyptian television has aired a heated debate on a Muslim man’s right to humiliate his wife by beating her.

When asked if it was normal for a man to beat his wife, a woman in a full-face covering explained: “If we look at it from the standpoint of the sharia, it does not say that he should beat her. It says that there are several steps he must take before he can beat her…

“The purpose of the beating is not to inflict pain, but to humiliate the wife,” the woman added.

“You must admit that beating my wife is my Quranic right,” an Egyptian lawyer on the panel said. When women on the other side objected, the man shouted back, “Do you want to change the Quran? Does it give me the right to beat my wife?

“You share the responsibility. You drove him to beat you,” the man shouted at a female victim of violence on the panel. “What did you do to make him beat you? Why did you make him assert his right?”


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