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WATCH: Muslim organisation claims immunity from Australian law, abuses council workers.

Council workers were reportedly abused and spat on when they confronted a Muslim organisation over illegal tree clearing and buildings. The organisation seemingly believes they are exempt from Australian law by claiming charity status.

Australian Charities and Non-for-profits Commission has said, “No charity is above the law. All charities must act lawfully and reasonably in the pursuit of their charitable purpose. Charities cannot have a purpose of engaging in or promoting unlawful activity – this can be grounds for the revocation of charity status.”

Senator Fraser Anning shared a video of the report on his Facebook page saying, “I have been called a racist and denigrated by the left for calling for a ban on Muslim immigration.”

“This short video by A Current Affair highlights just one of many examples where Muslims have refused to integrate and obey our laws,” Senator Anning continued. “I once again call for a ban on further Muslim immigration.”


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