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WATCH: Masked protester sprays bleach-like substance on Michael Knowles

A masked protester has been arrested after spraying a mysterious substance on conservative commentator Michael Knowles.

The attack on the Daily Wire columnist took place at the University of Missouri-Kansas City yesterday, where Knowles was invited to speak as a guest of the university’s conservative group Young American’s for Freedom.

Knowles was about 15-minutes into his speech titled, ‘Men are Not Women’ when the masked attacker approached the podium, spraying Knowles with an unknown substance ‘designed to smell like bleach’.

Police promptly took down the attacker and arrested him at the scene as other protesters chanted, “Hands up, don’t shoot,” a phrase used in protest against police violence.

In an update posted on Twitter, Knowles said: “It’s still not clear what exactly the substance was, but now seems apparent this thug only wanted to give the impression of a chemical attack without actually getting charged with the felony.”

According to Campus Reform, the attacker, Gerard G. Dabu, a 23-year-old student at UMKC, was charged with assault, peaceful disturbance, assault on law enforcement, property damage and resisting arrest. Dabu was later released on bond.


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