WATCH: Labor Leader Gives the Finger to Protesters

Australian Labor leader Anthony Albanese was filmed at Sydney’s Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras on Saturday flipping off a group of protesters.

I mean, the event just brings out the best in everyone, right?

The short clip, which began circulating on social media on Sunday, shows a group of demonstrators chanting, “One, Two, Three. F*ck the ALP.”

The video appears to show Albanese walk by the protesters before turning to give them the middle finger.

Although it’s unclear who the protesters were, socialist Greens’ supporters have been using the mantra for almost a decade.

While mainstream media are uninterested in the exchange, we can’t help but wonder how news outlets would react if a Liberal MP were to respond to protest in like manner.

Remember the media outrage when Scott Morrison simply walked away from someone yelling at him?


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