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WATCH: Sorry Barbie, there’s a new push to turn Ken gay, Mattel confirms talks.

Poor Barbie has copped it over the recent years, from her “unrealistic body image” to her “sexualised and overly feminine” features. She’s too skinny, too white, too fake, too blonde, too ditsy, and now, after 57-years, it seems her relationship with Ken is too heteronormative.

Same sex couple Matt Jacobi and Nick Caprio said they had difficulty finding a same sex wedding set to give to their niece for her 8th birthday, so they created a custom wedding set.

Jacobi and Caprio then wrote to Mattel saying, “What a bummer you don’t make one with two grooms… I hope our custom gift inspires you to make a Gay Wedding set!”

According to CNN Mattel heard the request and asked the couple to meet to discuss the idea further.

“We have a confirmed date set in early January, and we are extremely excited, grateful and incredibly determined to make this happen,” Jacobi said.

“It’s going to come up in your family, no matter what.” Caprio added. “As more same sex couples are having kids, your kids are going to have kids in class that have gay parents. So it’s not this huge shock anymore.”


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