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WATCH: Comedy Central accused of “colluding” with the FBI, links revealed

Avi Yemini has shared a video on social media accusing Comedy Central’s parent company, Viacom, of “colluding” with the FBI in order to prevent him from entering the United States.

Yemini travelled to the States in pursuit of a follow-up story after he exposed Comedy Central’s Jim Jefferies “shocking editorial standards and bias.” On arrival in LAX Yemini was detained and questioned by the FBI before being deported back to Australia.

TR.News has since revealed links between Viacom and the FBI, and accused the media giant of using the government agency to ban Yemini from entering the country.

“The information we have been passed on and since verified is that the head of security of Viacom, the parent company to Comedy Central… is a man by the name of Carlos T. Fernandez… a 21-year veteran of the FBI,” Yemini said in the video.

“The issue that raises questions is that Special Agent Carlos Fernandez was the head of the counter-terrorism division of the FBI in New York… This is the same unit that detained, and subsequently deported me from LAX last week,” he added.

“The question here is; did Mr Fernandez use his FBI connections to have me detained and deported last week? Or is this really just a coincidence.”


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