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WATCH: Avi Yemini confronts anti-Israel protesters chanting: “Down, down, Israel”

Avi Yemini of TR News confronted a group of anti-Israel protesters today who gathered on the steps of Parliament House in Melbourne chanting, “Down, down, Israel!”

The rally, organised by a group called Al Quds Melbourne, was part of the International Al Quds demonstrations, initiated by the Islamic Republic of Iran to express support for Palestine.

During the Melbourne rally, protesters not only chanted Israel’s destruction, but some openly voiced their support for the terrorist organisation Hamas.

“How do you feel about Hamas?” Yemini asked one of the men in the crowd.

“They should be here,” the man responded. “Hamas should be here.”

The protest was advertised on Facebook, with organisers calling Melbourne’s Muslims to “come together to remember and memorialise the struggles of our Palestinian brothers and sisters under Israeli Apartheid and occupation.”


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