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WATCH: Adult entertainer talks with young school children about homosexuality and cross-dressing, mocks Christians, ‘God didn’t send us all to hell’

British public broadcaster Channel 4 sent an adult entertainer to a school in the UK to talk with young children about homosexuality and cross-dressing.

Reuben Kaye, whose own website describes his act as “filthy-humoured”, took to Twitter on Monday to promote the video and mock Christians in the process, tweeting:

“The wonderful people at Channel 4 sent me back to school to ask kids how they feel about drag. Me, a gay man talking to kids and God didn’t turn up and send us all to hell!! She must be busy.”

According to Kaye’s website and promotional copy, his adult-only performances are likened to a drug-fueled orgy.

“Imagine if Joan Collins, Tim Curry and Meow Meow all dropped a stack of narcotics and had an orgy,” Kaye’s website states. “Now roll it in jewels and bathtub gin and you’re halfway there.”

“Dark and cheeky,” The Age wrote in a review of Kaye’s act. “And a good chance of being fondled if you sit a the front.”

Despite this, Channel 4, school authorities, and parents, all decided it would be a good idea to present an adult entertainer as a role model for young children.


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