Walk For Life: Thousands to Rally in Sydney Against Abortion

Every six minutes a baby is aborted in Australia.

Every six minutes a baby is aborted in Australia.*

That’s over 90,000 children a year whose lives are ended before they see the light of day.

In NSW, abortions have been legal until birth since 2019 when, on the 26th of September, the NSW parliament passed the Reproductive Health Care Reform Bill 2019.

What can one person do against such an overwhelming injustice?

One small action that you can take is to join Sydney’s Walk for Life this Saturday.

The Walk is hosted by Love Sydney, together with other pro-life organisations such as Evangelicals for Life. This will be an annual event held around the 26th of September, the date that the 2019 Bill passed.

Come and gather with other pro-life Sydney-siders in Hyde Park for this family-friendly event. There is a lineup of speakers, followed by a short walk. The speakers include:

You will need to enter Hyde Park via Park Street as another, unrelated rally is planned for the same day.

DATE: Saturday 23 September

TIME: 2–4 PM

LOCATION: Hyde Park, Corner of Elizabeth St and Park St, Near The Reflection Pool, Sydney (NOTE: There is a freedom rally happening between 12 – 2 PM, so look out for the group with pro-life signs.)

CLOTHING: Please wear a white shirt.

DETAILS: No megaphones or signs. Official signs will be available for you to carry while at this event. Please obey the marshals, security team and police on the walk.

To help with planning, free tickets are available by clicking on the green button below.

*If you are a woman considering an abortion or struggling after an abortion, please get in touch with Hope House – a pregnancy crisis care centre

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