Victorian Government Attempting To Give Chief Health Officer Full Immunity For The Past Two Years

“I will not allow them, over the last two years, not to be held to account. Not at all.”

Independent Victorian MP Dr Catherine Cumming has slammed a bill by the Victorian Government which would grant immunity to the state’s Chief Health Officer, his delegates, and authorized officers for anything that has been done in “good faith” over the past two years.

“I will not support this,” she told Parliament last week. “I will not allow them, over the last two years, not to be held to account. Not at all.”

Dr Cumming accused the government of “making up” the health measures that were imposed on the public during the “COVID-19 pandemic,” saying no official health advice has ever been provided.

“We have never seen the health advice. Never,” she said. “It’s always been made up as it’s gone along. It has come out of the Premier’s mouth. It’s come out of the Health Minister’s mouth. It’s come out of the Chief Health Officer’s mouth. And it’s always been made up as they go along.”

She continued: “This government has chosen at a whim to decide that somehow we need to be locked down — healthy people, to be locked down. That we need curfews. That we needed to stop playgrounds. That we continue to have masks on children.”

Dr Cumming went on to say, “there is no way the Chief Health Officer, or others, or anyone in that department should be let off the hook. Not at all.”


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