“Vaccines Are Not Stopping Transmission,” Says NSW Health Minister

“The one thing that we know about this–the one thing that it would appear to be likely with the Omicron variant is that the vaccines are not stopping transmission. The transmission appears to be quite high,” Hazzard said.

New South Wales Health Minister Brad Hazzard has said the vaccines are not stopping the spread of Covid-19’s Omicron variant but has urged NSW residents to still get their boosters as soon as they are eligible.

During a Wednesday press conference, Hazzard said transmission of the virus is quite high, despite the fact that, according to his figures, only 5% of the state remains unvaccinated, all of whom have been locked out of much of society for months.

Infections have more than quadrupled in a week and it is the first time in months the state has recorded more than 1,000 new cases in a single day, SBS News reported.

In true fearmongering form, Hazzard said the state is bracing for cases to surge even further, according to modelling predicting the potential for a rapid increase in virus transmission.

“What they’re telling us is that by the end of January, we could be looking at 25,000 cases of the virus every single day,” he told reporters. 

Hazzard’s admission that the vaccines are doing little to stop the transmission of the Omicron variant comes months after implementing vaccine mandates prohibiting unvaccinated residents from entering cafes, pubs, restaurants, or working in various fields, including schools, hospitals, nursing homes, and emergency services.

“The one thing that we know about this–the one thing that it would appear to be likely with the Omicron variant is that the vaccines are not stopping transmission. The transmission appears to be quite high,” Hazzard said.

“We’ve seen that happening in Newcastle, at one rather crowded party in a nightclub. And it may well be spreading across New South Wales as we stand here talking about it – all these young people who are, no doubt, out and about.”

The question remains, however, as to why the government insists on vaccination certificates if the jab itself provides little assurance in stopping the spread of the virus, or other variants that may inevitably emerge?

How many unvaccinated Australians have been confined to their homes for months and prohibited from travelling or visiting their loved ones because they’ve been deemed at risk of transmitting the virus to others?

Yesterday it was reported that two planeloads of fully vaccinated passengers will be forced to spend Christmas in quarantine after Queensland Health deemed everyone on board as “close contacts” to a passenger who tested positive to Covid.

How many unvaccinated Australians have been forced out of their jobs because they were deemed at risk of transmitting the virus to their work colleagues and the general public?

“My career was ended because I was viewed as a potential threat,” a former police officer who was forced from the job due to vaccine mandates told Caldron Pool.

“Now we’re being told the vaccine doesn’t even stop the spread of the virus. How does that make me more of a threat to everyone else than everyone else is to me? If the vaccine isn’t stopping transmission then aren’t the vaccinated just as much a threat?”

A former machine operator for a major supermarket company of almost six years said he was fired this month after being notified that “full vaccination” with a Covid vaccine would be a condition of maintaining his employment.

“Every individual who, like myself, has either been terminated or forced to take unpaid leave, now has the right to demand an answer as to why we lost our jobs, or why we will be forced to be vaccinated to retain our employment,” he said.

“The vaccines are not stopping transmission,” he said, “so every person who has been compelled to resign, been forcefully terminated, or stood down indefinitely, must immediately be reinstated into their previous positions.”

Kale Kneale, founder of online educational resource Kingdom Thinkers Academy told Caldron Pool: “The informed side of the public has long known about the ineffectiveness of the medical procedure stopping the spread (based on the available data collected across the globe, namely Israel).

“It is clear this isn’t about health,” he said. “It’s about control. I wonder whether those in government will now fight to reinstate the thousands who lost their jobs due to mandates? Highly unlikely.”

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