Unvaccinated Police Officers Dishonourably Discharged

“…one of the more devastating aspects of this blanket directive is watching the heartless treatment of long serving sworn officers, some on the verge of complex PTSD from all they have seen and done for us.”

Unvaccinated Police officers in New South Wales received an order last week notifying them that they had effectively been dishonourably discharged from the force for failing to receive a mandatory COVID-19 vaccination in accordance with the directive.

The order was issued by the state’s Police Commissioner, Karen Webb, who informed unjabbed officers of their removal, saying that after considering their “competence integrity, conduct, and performance,” she no longer has “confidence in [their] suitability to continue as a police officer.”

Letter received by unvaccinated officers.

A civilian employee who was fired due to the mandates spoke with Caldron Pool, and described the directive as “heartless”, particularly for those officers on the verge of PTSD due to what they’ve experienced while serving.

Being healthy, young, with perfect metabolic health and no Covid risk factors (and given the fact that the vaccine is openly known to not stop transmission), it has been overwhelming to have my concerns of fertility (and several other valid reasons) waved away as if they’re nothing.

Yet I think one of the more devastating aspects of this blanket directive is watching the heartless treatment of long serving sworn officers, some on the verge of complex PTSD from all they have seen and done for us.

We are now talking forced invasive medical intervention. But I stand to defend the future of my kids’ bodily autonomy, freedoms, and the generations that follow.

Another employee, who previously worked in 000, said the Force has lost years of training and priceless experience over the directive:

The NSW Police Force have dismissed our valid reasons to request an exemption and have not hesitated to sack me and many others. I await accountability for this reckless waste of taxpayer dollars to fire good serving men and women who represent years of training and priceless experience.

Roland Chrystal, who served for 31 years in the NSW Police Force, told Caldron Pool that he resigned in anticipation of the order, after it became apparent to him that he was being asked to deprive people of their human rights.

I was working in the gang squad with other uniformed and plain clothes officers, detectives, undercover guys, surveillance, all with special constable authority interstate.

Prior to walking out in disgust after 31 years, I knew the job was over when our command decided that those who were not double jabbed could not police outside of the Sydney area. This even included homicide detectives.

So, getting the jab into everyone was considered more crucial than these intricate homicide investigations and disruption of serious gang crime in our country. It was clearly time to walk away.

The Police Act 1990, enables the Police Commissioner to issue an order under Section 181D to remove an officer from the force “if the commissioner does not have confidence in the police officer’s suitability to continue as a police officer.”

The reasons for losing confidence in an officer is stated in section (1) as “having regard to police officers competence, integrity, performance or conduct.”

Such removal orders are a rare occurrence within the police. In military terms, termination of employment under Section 181D would be the equivalent of a dishonourable discharge.

The orders of removal are effective immediately and include the removal of officers who were already on leave for other reasons, including Hurt on Duty (HOD), physical and mental, maternity leave, workers compensation, and leave without pay.

The order comes a week after South Australia Police (SAPOL) announced that officers will no longer be required to get fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

The state’s Commissioner of Police, Grant Stevens announced the mandate would be dropped from March 7, noting his confidence that the risk to the personnel of South Australia Police can now be effectively mandated through “alternative controls.”

The move will allow unvaccinated workers to once again engage in police work and attend police workplace settings, however, limitations and conditions will apply.

SAPOL officers will be required to undertake a Rapid Antigen Test and provide results to their immediate supervisor when arriving for their shift. They must also wear a properly fitted Particulate Filter Respiratory mask for the duration of their shift.

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