Eliminate Water, the Worst Greenhouse Gas


Greenhouse gases absorb the thermal radiation that a planet emits, trapping the heat from the sun in the atmosphere. Credit: Wikipedia

Satire. Greenhouse gases are a form of pollution. They are dangerous to all life! Just try breathing them and you will die. They should all be eliminated.

There is a lot of climate action to eliminate carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4) and nitrous oxide (N2O). These are atmospheric gases that raise the surface temperature of the planet. They are all toxic gases and should be eradicated from the atmosphere. But where is the action to eliminate all water vapour (H2O)? Where are the politicians on this? Totally silent.

The Earth is warmed by sunlight, causing the surface to radiate heat, which is then mostly absorbed by water vapour (H2O), and to a much lesser extent, carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4), nitrous oxide (N2O), and ozone (O3).

The global mean water vapour density in the atmosphere is about 0.25% or about 2500 ppm which is about 6 times that of CO2. But depending on conditions it can be as high as 40,000 ppm, which is 100 times that of CO2. By elimination of water vapour from the atmosphere we could easily reduce the average surface temperature by 10 degrees or even a lot more. This would solve any anthropogenic global warming problems completely.

Water vapour is the largest contributor to the Earth’s greenhouse effect. Don’t listen to all the talk of the atmosphere being self-limiting to H2O concentrations. That is from the pro-water apologists.

At the COP28 activists pushed for the elimination of fossil fuels. Why are they not pushing for the elimination of H2O?  It would be so easy. All that is needed is to drill massive bole holes and drain the surface of the Earth of all water. This is called Water Capture Sequestration (WCS).  Since most water is already in liquid form it is much easier than condensing CO2 from the atmosphere for Carbon Capture Sequestration (CCS). The mantle of our planet already has a massive reserve of water. Adding more should be no problem. Besides, seawater is salty and not drinkable. It is wastewater and needs elimination.

A water tax should be placed on all humans. The more they use the higher the tax. All industry that uses water should be shut down. Sales of water should be made illegal or at least heavily regulated so that only the rich and powerful, who need it, can buy it. Any machine that produces water vapour should be banned or at least taxed. This includes internal combustion engines (ICEs), jet engines and industrial machines unless of course, they are electric-powered (EVs).

If we can get the earth to be bone dry there would be very little greenhouse effect. This is known for a fact from studying other planets and moons. Our moon has close to zero water vapour, and extremely little groundwater. That should be the inspiration to get going with the project. No guesswork or climate modelling needed.

All the greenhouse gases are inherently evil and should all be eliminated or massively reduced. But since water vapour has 6 to 100 times the concentration of carbon dioxide, water should be tackled first. Yet we see global economies being shut down to prevent a tiny rise in concentration of CO2. Where is the action against water vapour?

It is not even necessary to eliminate all water vapour. If only it was reduced by 90% the remaining molecules, based on the ideal gas law, would warm and offset any drastic reduction in temperature like we see on the moon. So the little water that is retained in the atmosphere, like on Mars, could be used to control the atmospheric temperature to within acceptable ranges.

There are other benefits from nearly eliminating H2O. Most CO2 comes from the oceans, from the algae and plankton. By draining the oceans you would get the benefit of reducing the CO2 also. Global warming causes hurricanes and by eliminating water you will also eliminate the source of hurricanes making the planet a much safer place to live. A lot of funds are spent on keeping inland waterways free of salt contamination from the oceans. By eliminating the oceans and all lakes and rivers you would save nations enormous amounts of money.

Where are the climate activist? They themselves are consumers of water. They make no mention of their own water usage. It seems like a lot of hypocrisy in the green movement now. Take action! Eliminate water and solve climate change today!

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