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University of Sydney Women’s Collective says: Everyone deserves the right to choose abortion, but not everyone deserves the right to life

Initially, I thought it may have been a prank. Perhaps a pro-life group created this love-heart frame to see how many mindless pro-aborts would take a photo while holding it. But no, it was no prank – they are really just that ignorant.

The sign reads, “Pro-Choice: Everyone deserves the right to choose.” The right to choose what? The right to choose to end the life of your unborn child. And what of that child’s right to choose life? Apparently “everybody” doesn’t have the right to choose after all.

So, are the pro-aborts at University of Sydney Women’s Collective just ignorant or is this a deceitful attempt to make their murderous cause appear more virtuous? Why don’t you lot be a little more consistent and choose life? Because everyone, and that means EVERYONE, deserves the right to choose without having their choices made for them. Innocent babies included.

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