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University refuses to release exam results until students complete a sexual ‘consent’ training course.

A University in Sydney is forcing students to undergo a sexual consent training course in order to view their exam results.

The University of Technology Sydney reportedly issued students a notice that said, “Want your results? Complete Consent Matters training in order to see your session results.”

“You’ve got to be absolutely kidding me,” one student said. “My university handed this to me after my first exam. They’re going to ransom my test results until I complete this mandatory consent training. All UTS students are in the same boat.”

The university directs students to an online Consent Matters training course, “consisting of four modules and a quiz that every single staff and student will complete once during their time at UTS.”

The training is one part of the universities program to reduce unwanted sexual behaviour and encourage healthy relationships, the website states.

According to the website, students will not be able to view their results until the Consent Matters training is complete.

“If you have not completed Consent Matters training and received 100 per cent in the quiz, you will have a Consent Matters sanction and you will not be able to view your results. To remove the sanction, complete the training and receive 100 per cent in the quiz.”

“Is this right?” Mark Latham tweeted. “UTS male students can’t access their results unless they undertake the ‘stick man’ consent course inspired by fake ‘rape culture’ political propaganda?”

“The tyranny of the Australian university continues apace,” he added.

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