U.K. Council Member Cancelled for Criticising PRIDE Speaks Out

“Any Christian, especially those holding public positions, should be concerned by what has happened and anyone who cares about free speech in the UK.”

A 31-year-old Councilor in the United Kingdom, cancelled for criticizing PRIDE, is speaking out after being reinstated.

King Lawal, a member of North Northamptonshire local council was removed from his position in July for a singular tweet, which stated, “When did Pride become a thing to celebrate!… Pride is not a virtue, it’s a sin. Those who have Pride should Repent of their sins and turn to Jesus Christ. He can save you.”

Bombarded with the standard, bastardised word-twisting from haters on the Twatterverse, Lawal, defending his June 29 post, responded, “It was not my intention to hurt anyone, merely to share the biblical stance on Pride.

“It’s a different view from yours we can accept that and move forward,” he asserted.

Right to point out the wrongful rejection of his sound reasoning, Lawal then asked, “Why must I be attacked for my belief in Christ.

“I haven’t called for anyone to be persecuted because of the way they live.”

Determined to have his voice properly heard, Lawal also issued a statement of clarification for the minority who had misconstrued his original comments.

In a July 1 tweet, Lawal wrote, “When I referred to Pride as sin on my previous tweet, it may have been misinterpreted as hateful, let me explain why it is not”

Despite pains taken to clarify his intention, Lawal was immediately suspended by the ruling Conservative Group.

He was also removed from positions on the Council, and dismissed as “a trustee of Groundwork Northampton – an initiative which helps disadvantaged children,” reported Christian Concern (CC).

Ignoring Lawal’s clarification, Groundwork Northampton’s CEO, wrote a letter of forced departure, which read, “Given your activity on twitter today, and the views you have put across regarding the Pride movement and Homosexuality, I’m afraid I need to ask you to leave your position…with immediate effect.”

In addition to this, Lawal was sent a “potentially illegal ultimatum,” issued “by a local authority,” demanding he resign from “his own business or face a substantial contract being scrapped.”

Lawal also faced threats of a possible police investigation.

Christian Concern added that the local Conservative group stood Lawal down after “heavy pressure” from Conservatives in Westminster.

“Conservative Campaign HQ was advising the council to suspend him and wanted an inquiry.”

This interference from Conservative (Tory) HQ was unusual, explained CC.

For context, of North Northamptonshire Council’s 78 members, 55 are Conservative, 16 Labour, 5 are from minor parties, and 2 are independent.

Notably, the Government website explains that Councillors “receive an allowance,” not a paid salary.

Unwilling to be a PRIDE punching bag, Lawal pushed back.

Legal action prepared at his request in mid-July alleged “multiple violations of his rights to freedom of speech, and freedom of religion.”

Lawal told the BBC he was prompted to post the original tweet after being angered by the sight of “men [illegally] parading themselves naked down the street in front of children.”

Following a defence mounted by Christian Legal Centre, Lawal was reinstated on Thursday at a local council meeting.

Speaking through Christian Concern, Lawal said in an October 27 vlog,

“What happened to me was brutal and seemed to be a coordinated attempt to ruin my life, and make an example out of me because I share a Christian viewpoint.”

“I treat all my constituents fairly. I don’t discriminate against anybody, but at the end of the day what the Bible says is what I believe, and it calls these things sin,” he explained.

What hate “really looks like, is people calling for me to be cancelled; sending tweets to their various organisations, asking them to remove me because of my comments.”

While Lawal has been liberated, fellow Tory councillor, Anthony Stevens, a supporter of Lawal, has been arrested after calling people to support Lawal on social media.

Stevens, now out on bail, was searched, and arrested without warning in front of his family over three tweets.

U.K. Police allege the democratically elected official committed a “hate crime,” by “inciting racial hatred,” and breaking the Public Order Act 1986.

The first tweet is of Stevens attaching a petition for Lawal, and captioning it: “If you value free speech please sign and share.”

The second tweet was a GB News video of Lawal being interviewed, about which Stevens wrote:

“That is my friend, everyone has a right to their beliefs, people can disagree as is their right but to ruin their standing because of them is wrong.”

His third tweet – and alleged thought crime – contained a video criticising police for giving Muslim preachers special treatment.

This was then contrasted with the U.K. police’s wrongful arrest of vindicated, Christian street preacher, Oluwole Ilesanmi.

To quote, Lawal, summing up his own experience, “Any Christian, especially those holding public positions, should be concerned by what has happened and anyone who cares about free speech in the UK.

“As the only black councillor in the whole of Northamptonshire, I know what it is like to be in the minority.

“How I have been treated is really troubling for a democratic society.

“It must ring alarm bells. This can now happen to anyone not in support of this extreme LGBT movement.”

To be blunt the more obviously appropriate, alternative headline here is: Gay Activists cyber-lynch a black man for daring to disagree.      

The LGBTQ+ fascist cult continues to make its fascist DNA self-evident.

This political religion will not stop at forcing society to live by its lies or cancelling a dissident’s career.      

They want to stop you from ever working again.

For Lawal, and any persona non grata deemed by the GayGB to be unworthy of life, the process isn’t just the punishment, its death to all “heteronormative” infidels.

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