Mayor Apologizes After Backlash For Saying Boys Have A Penis

Live not by lies. This is the title of the now famous essay circulated among Moscow’s intellectuals by Russian writer and political prisoner, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, on the same day that he was arrested by secret police.

Live not by lies. This is the title of the now-famous essay circulated among Moscow’s intellectuals by Russian writer and political prisoner, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, on the same day that he was arrested by secret police.

Western Australian media presenter and newly elected Lord Mayor of Perth, Basil Zempilas, would do well to heed the essay’s contents after being publicly castigated for expressing a personal opinion relating to human biology on his breakfast radio show.

He repeated, albeit colloquially, what science has concretely stated for millennia, and billions of bodies have rejoiced over: “If you’ve got a penis, mate, you are a bloke. If you’ve got a vagina, you are a woman. Game over.”

The result of this freedom of speech? Perth’s LGBTQ+ community responded with an intolerance that has gone into overdrive.

I have a massive heart for my fellow LGBTQ+ citizens. I am passionate about offering support to fragmented lives who continue to be manipulated through gender ideology in our public classrooms and across mainstream media, and later are undiagnosed or misdiagnosed in our gender clinics. Every story contains tragedy.

There is no wonder ideologues are pushing to bring into law outright therapy bans around human sexuality and gender. In their blinkered vision, no one must be permitted to discover what really is true. Their unconscious endpoint is to live by lies.

They reject researchers’ findings that have proven there are 6,500 genetic differences between the sexes, and that no one is born gay. LGBTQ+ lobbyists and their clinical and political allies are therefore right to be afraid of litigation in years to come once enough adults wake up to the malevolence and lies inflicted upon them as minors in the name of benevolence and truth. To prevent future litigation, they pass laws to start silencing everybody now.

Zempilas’s off-the-cuff comments serve as a catalyst to Australians requiring them to firmly decide the direction in which they wish their society to head.

Will they silently accept women being sued for refusing to wax male genitalia?

Will they stand by and watch biological schoolgirls never again win gold due to trans-females (not genetic females) in women’s sport?

Will they just ignore the increase of kids at war with their biological sex, which we are already seeing leads to long-term issues with mental health crises and suicidal ideation, all thanks to ideology sanctioned by local governments which support LGBTQ+ books being read in local libraries by drag queens, and books pushed across the school curriculum?

Will they remain silent and thereby sanction more abusive state and territory laws which permit minors aged 12 and over to seek a certificate to formally change their gender, often without parental consent?

For years I served the LGBTQ+ agenda as a frontline gay activist. I know firsthand that the LGBTQ+ agenda hides, lies, undermines, twists and perverts whatever needs to be done so as to completely smash heteronormativity. Do Australians really want homosuperiority, or God forbid a wholly non-binary society where male and female have both been completely extinguished? I think not.

Zempilas had his moment of lucidity on air. Permit me to have mine as I state an opinion which most Australians believe but are afraid to speak publicly: same-sex “marriage” was never about two people of the same sex “getting married”. It was always about LGBTQ+ ideologues gaining legal permission to bully every stratum of society, and every non-conforming individual, Zempilas now joining J.K. Rowling and 58 distinguished others, so as to strip the average Aussie of their freedoms of speech, expression, association and religion until everyone is silenced and kowtowing to the rites of the fallen rainbow. They lied to us during the nation’s Marriage Debate; they continue to lie to us now.

Welcome, Mr Zempilas, to the most poisoned aspect of the mayoral chalice.

Australians still have a choice, before a clash of civilisations is fully birthed.

Either they join in with Perth drag queen Scarlet Adams who, in Perth’s Court hotel hours after Zempilas’s comments repeatedly sang, “F*** you!” to Basil Zempilas whilst ripping up pictures of Perth’s incoming mayor, as faux-men paraded on stage brazenly showing off surgical scars from the removal of healthy female breasts. (Damn, how that must hurt every woman who has been forced to have a mastectomy.)

Or Australians can stand firm on the age-old truths Zempilas first mentioned, truths espoused by many lesbians and gays who, as a new micro minority, are also harassed, rejected and vilified by the macro minority of intolerant LGBTQ+ bigots merely because they too refuse to embrace unscientific ideology. To believe men have penises and women vaginas is not anti-gay, or phobic, intolerant, bigoted, hate-filled, exclusive, and suicide-inducing as mainstream media would demand everyone believe.

If society continues along the schizophrenic trail of believing anybody can be any gender, then the altars of masculinity at which gay men worship will also soon be torn down, along with the altars to femininity so deeply treasured by lesbians. More of the LGBQ+ need to wake up to the tyrannical traits of the T if they want to keep their socio-political boat afloat.

Yes, trans-bigotry does not only explode in the faces of the heterosexual majority, it also implodes and severely damages the hearts of the homosexual majority. Where there are lies, the outcome can only ever be destruction, division and even death. (For transgenderism, read: destruction of the body, division between the true self and the imagined self, and death ever-present through suicidal ideation.)

Which way will Zempilas lean, if he survives the demands for his resignation made by spineless thin-skinned snowflakes? After his public apology to the trans community, will he now be beholden as lord mayor to those who scream hatred and repugnance at any difference of reasoned opinion? Will he become their puppet, helping to lead more citizens into their own stage tragedies, and possible early deaths?

Or will he side with sensible citizens, including same-sex attracted people and many tolerant medics who stand on science, all of whom are progressively pressured into silence by gender-stupidity?

Let us remember that any lord mayor is mayor of every citizen, as well as mayor of every minority and not just of the most insular or vocal.

The detransitioners I know personally would say it is time for the majority to lean on Zempilas, the people’s mayoral choice, and to encourage him to save the “queer” brigade from their own uneducated, unscientific agendas, their deeply ingrained racism, and their inability to own proven realities.

Time is running out. Australians need to take heed of J.K. Rowling’s recent words that “it isn’t hate to speak the truth,” and to stand up now before lies permanently become the norm. Thankfully, truth always has the habit of winning out in the end.

Let us heed the words of Solzhenitsyn as he wrote of standing on the truth:

You say it will not be easy? But it will be easiest of all possible resources. It will not be an easy choice for a body, but it is the only one for a soul. Not, it is not an easy path. But there are already people, even dozens of them, who over the years have maintained all these points and live by the truth.

So you will not be the first to take this path, but will join those who have already taken it. This path will be easier and shorter for all of us if we take it by mutual efforts and in close rank. If there are thousands of us, they will not be able to do anything with us. If there are tens of thousands of us, then we would not even recognize our country.

If we are too frightened, then we should stop complaining that someone is suffocating us. We ourselves are doing it. Let us then bow down even more, let us wail, and out brothers the biologists will help to bring nearer the day when they are able to read our thoughts are worthless and hopeless.

And if we get cold feet, even taking this step, then we are worthless and hopeless, and the scorn of Pushkin should be directed to us:

Why should cattle have the gifts of freedom? Their heritage from generation to generation is the belled yoke and the lash.

Zempilas should continue as he has begun, speaking out along the pathway of truth.

James Parker was a gay rights’ activist. He now facilitates True Identity, an informal network that supports those struggling with sexuality & gender identity issues.

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