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Two women denied service at a New York restaurant because they were wearing MAGA hats.

Two women have said they were denied service at a restaurant in New York for wearing pro-Trump hats and t-shirts displaying the phrase, “Make America Great Again.”

“We originally walked inside and asked for a table for two and he said that the wait was 2-hours because of our hats,” the women explained in a video posted on Twitter.

“So, we got turned down – two Jewish women got kicked out of a restaurant in New York.”

It’s one thing to have the freedom to refuse to create and advance a message you’re fundamentally opposed to, such as in the case of the Christian bakers. But it’s something else to deny a person service all together because of their beliefs.

The Christian bakers were more than willing to serve anyone, and encouraged their accusers to purchase any of their pre-made products, regardless of their views and practices. What they weren’t willing to do was to use their artistic skills for the purpose of advancing a message they didn’t agree with.

What we see here is something quite different. These women have not asked the restaurant to promote their lifestyles, their religious convictions, or their political beliefs. They were denied service for what they represented, what their clothing and appearance represented.

Now, some may say, in a free society a privately owned business should not be compelled to serve anyone. I’m not going to argue otherwise. But it does stand as a striking mark of hypocrisy. And like they say, if the Left didn’t have double standards, they’d have no standards at all.



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