Trump Polls as Preferred President: Hurting Voters Are Homesick for Better Days

“A clear majority of Americans consider the Biden administration to be taking the country in the wrong direction.”

Polling puts Donald Trump as the preferred President in a race against Joe Biden, despite Trump being the victim of leftwing lawfare.

He now has a strong lead in five of the six “important battleground states” Biden took in 2020, according to the NY Times.

Biden’s big problem, wrote an uncharacteristically critical NYT, is his “handling of the economy, age, and a host of others issues.”

Those “other issues” include responsible border control, Biden’s cognitive state, foreign policy, policing, and taxation.

A clear majority of Americans consider the Biden administration to be taking the country in the wrong direction.

The majority of those polled by the NYT said Biden’s ‘policies had personally hurt them.’

The news is brutal for Biden’s hopes of re-election.

Mass discontent, the NYT explained, is eroding the Woke White House’s support among Biden’s alleged election-winning “multiracial, and multigenerational coalition.”

This is especially so among Black voters.

The – traditionally Democrat – African American voting demographic “now registers 22 per cent support in these states for Mr. Trump, a level unseen in presidential politics for a Republican in modern times.”

Labelling this a “remarkable sign of gradual racial realignment,” the NYT analysis termed the turnaround in support for Trump, an “ominous sign for Democrats.”

Bad news for Biden is great news for Trump.

Unpacking the “findings,” through gritted teeth, the never-Trump NYT added, “While voters across all income levels felt that Mr. Biden’s policies had hurt them personally, they [inversely] credited Mr. Trump’s policies for helping them.”

Downplaying the pro-Trump polling trend as an anomaly, the NYT diagnosed Biden’s numbers as a standard case of voter backlash.

Hopeful the Biden DOJ’s lawsuits will torpedo Trump’s campaign, by way of a “criminal conviction,” the NYT then predicted “better days” ahead.

If legacy media are to be believed, voters still unsure about Trump are not ready to dump Biden.

The NYT’s own figures were supported by the ABC, who reported a 33% voter favourability for Biden, vs. 29% for Trump.

Mixed statistics from in-house polling run by the ABC, and NBC since January reflected back 76%, and 71% direction dissatisfaction rating overall.

The conclusion:

  1. America’s discerning voters aren’t just unhappy, they’re hurting.
  2. They won’t be fooled twice.
  3. They would rather see Trump as President than continue to see ‘Death to America Democrats’ run the nation into the ground.

Speaking to crowds at the Florida Freedom Summit, Trump shared voter sentiment.

Buoyed by the polls, he doubled down on defeating “far-left lunatics,” then talked up the urgency of releasing Americans from their death grip.

They’re “grossly incompetent,” he said.

“Job number one will be to stop the invasion on our southern border…We don’t know who is coming here…this is a bomb waiting to happen.”

As President, I’ll create a “reconciliation commission to shed light on every dark and rotten corner of Washington D.C, starting with Joe Biden,” he added.

Promoting Biden from “Sleepy Joe” to “Corrupt Joe,” Trump argued that the current president had failed the United States by “putting China, Russia, Venezuela, illegal immigrants, and environmental lunatics ahead of the country.”

Damning the far-left, Trump criticised their “weaponing of law enforcement.”

This is a bad, election interfering precedent, he said, while describing it as a “desperate attempt to stop” him from stopping them.

The campaign pitch included Trump vowing to “end child trafficking,” invoke tariffs to secure good deals, and keep religio-political ideological terrorism at bay.

The former president, turned leading 2024 Republican presidential candidate, took pains to compliment Republican governors (which includes DeSantis) for keeping their states free of “Fauci-ism” (COVID overreach).

Alongside the compliment, Trump wasn’t beyond taking a shot or two at DeSantis.

Trump accused the governor of betrayal (for running against him in 2024 after Trump had endorsed him for governor).

He then hinted that DeSantis had sabotaged his good record by gambling on the support of Floridians.

“He’s like a wounded bird falling from the sky. I don’t like it. Every dollar spent on these Never Trump Super PACs is a dollar donated to re-elect Joe Biden,” Trump added.

Ron DeSantis, who spoke before Trump at the Summit, pointed voters to his record as Governor.

In a nutshell, his strong performance, and stand against the far-left, and its Woke ideological invasion speaks for itself, DeSantis said.

38-year-old Hindu candidate, Vivek Ramaswamy pre-empted the majority of Trump’s talking points.

Ramaswamy signalled to the dangers of World War 3, chastised identity politics, and argued that the United States still had a choice.

The nation, he asserted – using a DeSantis campaign line -, doesn’t have to be a “nation in decline.”

Looking as though he was pitching for consideration as Trump’s Vice President, Ramaswamy gave credit to the former President, saying,

I have respected Donald Trump more than anybody else in this race, because he was the best president of the 21st century.”

“I’ve said that before, and I will say it again because it’s the right thing to do.”

Ramaswamy’s foppish flattery aside, listening to DeSantis, and it’s obvious the energy he has as governor isn’t there for his 2024 campaign.

In this respect Trump has a point, maybe the multi-tasking between 2024 presidential candidate, and governing Florida, has taxed the wind out of DeSantis’ sails.

It’s worth repeating: hurting voters are homesick for saner days. The better, stronger, and smarter play here would be a Trump/DeSantis ticket.

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