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Trump Jr slams The Washington Post for downplaying Christian persecution and suggesting Muslims have it worse just one day after 290 Christians were slaughter by Islamic terrorists.

Donald Trump Jr has slammed the Washington Post, after the major American newspaper responded to Sunday’s terrorist attacks in Sri Lanka by downplaying Christian persecution.

Just a day after 290 Christians were slaughtered by Islamic terrorists during Easter celebrations, the paper published a piece downplaying the idea that Christianity is under attack, claiming rather “the vast majority of terrorism victims globally are Muslims.”

The piece also went on to warn the bombings in Sri Lanka are stoking far-right anger in Western nations.

“After Sri Lankan officials blamed a local Muslim militant group, National Thowheed Jamaath, for the attack on Monday, European far-right groups and activists began to describe the attacks in specifically religious terms,” the Post reported.

“Some far-right groups claimed hypocrisy and double standards, arguing that attacks on Christians failed to receive the same response as attacks on Muslims,” they added.

Trump Jr responded to the piece on Twitter, calling the publication a disgrace. “Yes, Christians hoping to not be murdered by extremists is ‘far-right anger’.”

“Now, let’s discuss the leftist talking points refusing to mention Christians as the victims of this gruesome attack on their most holy day,” he added.

“Your paper is a disgrace!!!”

Sorry, Washington Post. People aren’t angry about Islamic terrorists murdering 290 Christians because they’re “far right.” They’re angry because they’re decent human beings.

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