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Transgender woman who sexually assaulted a 10-year-old girl in a female-only bathroom given community service and told to keep away from children.

A man, who identifies as a woman, has been given a community sentence after sexually assaulting a 10-year-old girl in a supermarket female-only bathroom.

According to The Scotsman, 18-year-old ‘Katie Dolatowski’ sexually assaulted the young girl after grabbing her by the face and forcing her into a toilet cubicle in Morrisons in Kirkcaldy.

Dolatowski told the girl there was a man outside who would kill her mother if she did not remove her pants. The youngster managed to escape her attacker only after punching him in the face, stomach, and groin. 

One month prior to the attack, Dolatowski was caught attempting to film a 12-year-old girl using another toilet.

Following the assault, Dolatowski was given a community sentence and tagging orders. Dolatowski was also told not to have any contact with children. Because the existing law about not sexually assaulting people just wasn’t clear enough?

The victim’s mother hit back after the sentencing saying, “I don’t have any confidence whatsoever that he will not go out and do something equally as bad or worse.”

How are fathers with daughters supposed to let their children enter female-only restrooms alone? Is dad to wait outside and simply hope that no creep with a penis and an identity complex is in the next cubical?

As Jonathon Van Maren rightly said, “transgender rights have now formally replaced women’s rights as the emerging ideology of gender fluidity wipes out any formal conception of what a ‘woman’ is to begin with.”

It’s a brave new world, and sadly it’s our woman and children who are going to pay the highest price.

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