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The Labor Party is obsessed with identity politics, core document mentions ‘gender’ over a hundred times more than ‘poverty’

If you want to know what the Australian Labor Party is about, just take a look at the Consultation Draft of Labor’s National Platform. The consultation draft claims to “distill the policies and enduring values that Labor aspires to implement in government.”

So, what’s on the agenda for Labor? Throughout the document, Labor mentions “gender” a staggering 138 times, compared to just 25 mentions of “poverty”.

The term “sexual orientation” is mentioned 64 times; “intersex” 59 times; “identity” 42 times; “transgender” 36 times; “bisexual” 33 times; “lesbian” 31 times; “diversity” 27 times; “gender identity” 19 times; and the “gender pay gap” 5 times.

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