The Global Oligarchs’ Neo-Fascist Agenda: You Must Fight Against It Before It’s Too Late!

“The withdrawal of personal freedoms in our present time has been sold to the populace as a positive thing and a means of protecting them from any perceived threat. Slavery to the State has been presented as the gateway to health and prosperity.”

“You will own nothing, and you will be happy.” This confronting statement emanates from the World Economic Forum (“WEF”), an international non-governmental lobbying organisation established in 1971 by German engineer and economist Klaus Schwab. The Forum is headquartered in Switzerland and, since its inception, it has sponsored projects that are enthusiastically embraced by those who seek to overturn the existing world economic order.

By all appearances, the WEF is the most powerful organisation in the world. For decades, it has been at the centre of bringing together the world’s richest and most powerful in business and politics. In 2006, the WEF’s founder and chairman, Klaus Schwab, was knighted by the late Queen Elizabeth II as ‘Knight Commander of the Order of Saint Michael and Saint George’ (KCMG).[1]

The WEF has become the driving force in the world, especially after COVID-19 where the organisation has been resolutely promoting the ‘Great Reset’. These global oligarchs engineered a “pandemic” to kick off their Great Reset using a fake health scare to get mass compliance through fear. Like any totalitarian revolution, they need to destroy the old world order to introduce their oppressive New World Order. But what is the ‘Great Reset’?

In July 2020, Schwab co-authored and published a book entitled ‘COVID-19: The Great Reset’. With this publication, he sought to identify the weaknesses of the present economic system which, according to him, were exposed by the alleged pandemic. Schwab’s WEF considered COVID-19 as a “rare but narrow window of opportunity” to reset the global economy.[2] This involves the elimination of national borders and the removal of property rights and, indeed, any other individual right from the rest of us. In what is perhaps even more remarkable, the Great Reset also involves changing human beings. According to political economist and financial journalist James Gorrie,

“Schwab’s WEF cohort is professor and author Yuval Noah Harari, who has publicly declared that free will in human beings is “over” and that humans are just “hackable animals” to be controlled by digital or nanochip implants. According to Schwab, under the Forth Industrial Revolution, humans will be genetically altered and chipped in the fusion of digital technology and human beings”.[3]

Above all, the primary goal of the Great Reset is to restructure the entire world into a top-down dictatorship that is ruled by a small group of global oligarchs. Accordingly, the so-called ‘pandemic’ was perceived as an opportunity to refashion the world, weaponise the digital revolution, and to “save” the planet from the effects of “climate change”. “COVID-19 restrictions and measures to tackle climate change are pillars of the Great Reset initiative aimed to remake global capitalism, leading ultimately to tyrannical control over societies”, says climate journalist Marc Morano. [4] 

Schwab and fellow global oligarchs such as King Charles III, “have been making arguments against ‘shareholder capitalism’ for literarily decades, going all the way back to the 1970s”.[5] The WEF’s proposal of a Great Reset requires not only corporate responses to pandemics and ecological issues such as “climate change”, but the wholesale rethinking of corporations’ duties towards “vulnerable communities within the ecosystems”. To this effect, the international community has already developed the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Index to “drive ownership and control of production away from the non-woke or non-compliant.”[6] This entails the collaboration of the corporate world with big government to crush the spirit of individual liberty.

Similar to the modern global oligarchs, the fascists of the past also aspired to create “a new society and a new man”. Fascism is based on the supremacy of community over the individual so that individual rights are entirely subordinated to the organic interests of the state. The idea is encapsulated in the famous Nazi motto, “common welfare before individual interest”. Hitler expressed such a view in a speech on 7 October 1933: 

“It is necessary that the individual should come to realize that his own ego is of no importance in comparison with the existence of his nation; that the position of the individual ego is conditioned solely by the interests of the community as a whole … We understand only the individual’s capacity to make sacrifices for the community, for his fellow man”.[7]  

Are we suggesting a person is fascist if she cares about the community? Of course not. However, a simple fact remains: the economic ideas of Klaus Schwab are similar to the corporatist ideologies that spawned fascist economics in the 1920s and 1930s. What is fascist about the globalist movement is the notion that, in an “organic community”, the individual has no basic human right and the government can force us to do something for our own good.

Naturally, fascisms differ from each other but what unites them are their emotional impulses, such as the urge to “get beyond politics” coupled with a faith in the authority of experts, an obsession with the cult of “urgent action”, and the need for an all-powerful state to coordinate everyone towards the achievement of an ultimate goal.

Most of all, those who embrace the globalist agenda tend to share a common belief – a totalitarian temptation – that with the right amount of governmental tinkering, we can finally realise some utopian dream of “creating a better world”.[8] Curiously, according to Kaitlin Smith, a Boston-based scholar and naturalist educator, “Nazi leadership [also] ardently championed renewable energy, and institutionalized organic farming and land use planning on a level unmatched by any nation past or present”.[9]

It is instructive to highlight another example of how totalitarian power can be advanced and consolidated. Nazi Germany led the world in the area of epidemiology. Nazi ideologues contrasted the notion of health as a communal duty with the notion that people could not do as they wished with their own bodies.[10] Under the influence of Nazi ideology, medical research scientists did not repudiate the use of humans for medical experiments.[11] With criminal law and civil liability laws conveniently suspended, medical doctors apparently thought that their actions were morally justified.

Hitler lamented, in 1925, that the State still did not have the means to “master the disease” which was penetrating the “bloodstream of our people unhindered”. These ideas saw the German population as a patient of the State and the political leader as the beneficent physician.[12] The images of Jews as the carriers of a deadly disease was the bio-political content merged with Nazi medical science. Hence the race laws of 1935 were underpinned by images of immunity against a virus and the need for general immunisation of the entire population.

To further instil fear among the population a recurrent theme in Nazi propaganda was the idea that Jews spread infectious-contagious diseases, including the dreaded typhus. Health officers produced posters with a quarantine notice at the entrance to the ghettos, warning the curious about the dangers of venturing into those spaces of segregation. Since the sanitary conditions imposed on those confined areas were deeply degrading, this created a propitious environment for the rapid spread of previously announced diseases, thus turning the warning of Nazi authorities into a form of self-fulfilling prophecy.

Far from being limited to the recruitment of health agents, the Nazis also relied on the support of those working for the big corporations that are today often described as “Big Data” and “Big Tech”.  As the precursors of the digital universe we know today, the technology of old punch cards provided the Nazi regime with the data compilation required in the process of identification, tracking, confiscation, incarceration, deportation and, finally, the extermination of the “unwanted”.

In addition to control of information, and complicity of the medical and scientific communities, as well as the technical support of the greatest Big Tech of the time, the Nazis also relied on the most powerful Big Pharma company of the time – the pharmaceutical conglomerate IG Farben. Formed in 1925 after the merger of several chemical and pharmaceutical industries, the IG Farben group developed a lethal gas that was used to eliminate millions of Jews in extermination camps, and other devastating gases for military use (which were never used in World War II).[13]

How far are we from unleashing a new and devastating totalitarian technocracy, in the mould of the scientism experienced by the unwary Germans of the 1930s?  In George Orwell’s dystopian novel “1984” the New Thought Police were able to control the ideas that determined the political and cultural values of society. The withdrawal of personal freedoms in our present time has been sold to the populace as a positive thing and a means of protecting them from any perceived threat. Slavery to the State has been presented as the gateway to health and prosperity. 

Ronnie Cummins, in his chapter entitled How the Pandemic Plans Unfolded (which opens the book by Dr. Joseph Mercola) is clear in stating that beyond its effects on health and the health care industry, COVID-19 empowered the global oligarchy more than ever before to manufacture lies and half-truths. Uber-powerful Silicon Valley Big Tech corporations (Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Amazon), Big Pharma, the World Health Organization (WHO), and philanthropic giant Bill Gates have indentured politicians and scientists from across the political spectrum.

From the fight against a “pandemic” to the obsession with “sustainability”, nobody disputes that these are ideas of the cultural Left but few are willing to consider that we have seen this sort of things before. Under Hitler, the dissenter risked imprisonment and death. Today the dissenter risks social media cancelling, the loss of the professional license and even imprisonment. Indeed, the global oligarchs are committed to removing any opposition to their totalitarian agenda, inter alia, via so-called ‘misinformation legislation’ that the Australian government, with support of the Coalition Opposition, is planning to introduce.

If you truly value your basic rights and freedoms be very wary of the totalitarian, neofascist agenda of the global oligarchs. You must fight against it, before it’s too late.  

Augusto Zimmermann is the co-author of ‘Merchants of Death: Global Oligarchs and their War on Humanity’, available on Amazon at

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