Australia Racism

The Blight on Our Nation Isn’t White vs Black, It’s That We’ve Pandered Too Long to Activists

The next time someone claims Australia is a racist nation, remind them of David Unaipon from the Ngarrindjeri tribe.

  • Mr Unaipon is the face of Australia’s $50 note.
  • He was the first Indigenous Australian to publish a book.
  • He was an inventor and intellectual.
  • He was a musician.
  • He was an active Christian with a keen interest in Indigenous Australian history and spirituality.
  • He and the Indigenous community benefited from Christian missionary work.
  • And he lived until he was 95 years old.

The blight on our nation isn’t white vs. black, it’s the fact that we’ve pandered too long to activists whose agenda doesn’t allow room for students to learn or be inspired about such a great Australian.

If the education system focused more on the facts than appealing to the organised myths of joyless activist organisations, our society would be moving forward in unity, not backwards in bitter division.

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