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Teacher advocating political indoctrination in schools tells Labour conference, a ‘proper education’ will reduce the number of Tories.

A teacher speaking at the UK’s 2018 Labour Party Conference has claimed children “brought up properly” would not embrace center-right political views.

Sion Rickard claimed that children are not born “bad” or “evil”, so a “proper education” would reduce the number of Tories.

“I’ve never met a bad four year old,” Rickard said. “I’ve never met a four year old that was evil, so every child has a chance, and if we give them a proper education, we’ll empty our prisons… we’ll have much less problems with the NHS, social issues, we’ll probably not have any Tories, because we’ll have brought up our kids properly.”

Nigel Farage responded to the video in a Tweet saying, “Critical thinking in schools disappeared long ago, but some teachers now want the outright political indoctrination of our young children. Very worrying stuff indeed.”

Katie Hopkins also shared the video on Twitter, saying, “America – here is a British teacher at a political conference, acknowledging there will be no more Republicans in the future because children will have been indoctrinated as Democrats / leftists.”

How long will it be until authorities start dictating what you can and can’t teach your children? The thought of the police knocking at your door to investigate reports of “child abuse” by wrong-think sounds like something out of Orwell’s 1984, but how quickly is fiction becoming fact?

Will conservative or Christian ideas be shut down in the home to preserve the greater good of society, to help achieve those unattainable ideals of the Left? Earlier this year, Ben Shapiro warned, “it’s coming and it’s coming fast.”

“The great lie, of course, is that it will stop at the schools,” Shapiro said. “‘We won’t go any further than that… We won’t bother you in your places of work. What do you think we are? Fascists?’

“And then they go into your places of work and they say, ‘Don’t worry, your churches will be fine. We’ll stop right at the walls… And then of course, they’ll invade the church.

“And then you’ll take your kids and you’ll say, ‘Fine I’ll just keep them at home. I’ll home school my kids. I’ll religiously educate my kids at home.’ And they’ll say, ‘Don’t worry, it’s your home. We would never come into your home.’

“They’re coming into your home. That is the next step. It’s already happening in Canada…”


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