Christianity Opinion

Done With Dunking

“Why would God initiate a sacrament to be administered across the globe that requires deep pools of water? Give a Presbyterian minister a go-bag containing a Bible, a loaf of bread, a bottle of wine, and a flask of water and he has every element needed to conduct a complete worship service anytime and anywhere for the people of God.”

News & Commentary World

War Is a Racket

“During war, the con man is given his best possible market: a populace that frowns upon critical thinking, along with governments and media that together stoke up hatred for the enemy and a spirit of ‘Let’s just do something,’ because nothing is worse than not doing something, so doing something becomes doing anything, and certain businesses just happen to be able to find a way to monetize those somethings and anythings.”

Abortion News & Commentary

Pro-Woman Is Pro-Life – Here’s Why

“Human life is not a political matter and should have never been made to be so. It has only been made to be controversial politics for the sake of creating another means by which division and control can be used by those who exercise their power for ill-gotten profit and immoral, evil agendas.”