Sydney Magistrate Throws Out Bail Conditions for Marxist Activist

“The main complaint she seems to have had about her bail conditions was that they stopped her from fully participating in the recent gay and lesbian Mardi Gras.”

A Sydney magistrate has thrown out “inappropriate” bail conditions imposed on Marxist activist Cherish Kuehlmann after the UNSW Education Officer organised an illegal occupation in the foyer of the Martin Place Commonwealth Bank and the curtilage of the Reserve Bank of Australia.

Cherish Kuehlmann is an activist with Australia’s largest communist group Socialist Alternative. She was one of the organisers of the disgusting “Pell is in hell” protest outside the funeral of the late Cardinal.

Cherish Kuehlmann holding up a copy of the Socialist Alternative newspaper Red Flag. Source: Red Flag

Police allege Kuehlmann and others in the protest she organised ran towards the front door of the Reserve Bank when a security guard blocked them and informed them “that they were trespassing”. They allege Kuehlmann and other protesters ignored the guard and “continued to force entry” by pushing forward as a mob but “kept getting pushed back”.

The main complaint Kuehlmann seems to have had about her bail conditions was that they stopped her from fully participating in the recent gay and lesbian Mardi Gras.

NSW Greens MP Sue Higginson was outraged that poor Cherish had been unable to attend the rainbow-flavoured festivities, declaring the arrest of Kuehlmann “could be considered criminal assault” and described Cherish as “a person who is regularly and actively involved in peaceful protest actions” which is an interesting descriptor for a self-confessed Marxist who was recently seen standing outside a funeral screaming that the deceased was in hell.

Maybe the NSW Greens just have a different definition of “peaceful protest” than the rest of us.

Cherish Kuehlmann smiling as she is arrested by NSW Police. Source: Honi Soit

Magistrate Clare Farnan threw out the bail conditions declaring that she “didn’t understand” why NSW police had imposed bail at all.

Magistrate Farnan is perhaps best known for defending the denial of asthma medication to anti-lockdown protester Kristian Pulkownik by prison authorities even after three weeks in custody. Farnan only allowed Pulkownik to eventually be released after imposing strict bail conditions including that he was to live with his mother, was not to enter the CBD unless for approved reasons and must comply with health orders.

We can only guess how Mr Pulkownik’s treatment might have differed at the hands of Magistrate Farnan if he had only had the good fortune to share Ms Kuehlmann’s politics.

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