Support Flows For Babylon Bee Actor Arrested in Biden DOJ’s Ongoing War On Dissent

“This is political persecution.”

Biden’s increasingly unhinged war on J6 protestors continues to prey on political opponents.

Actor, Siaka Massaquoi, known for a body of quality work, including NCIS: Los Angeles, SWAT (TV), and the Babylon Bee’s Californians Move to Texas series, was detained in an ambush arrest on November 30.

Babylon Bee CEO, Seth Dillon said, “Siaka was returning home from a trip to Nashville for the Daily Wire’s premiere [of Lady Ballers],” when FBI agents made the surprise arrest.

He was separated from his pregnant wife at the airport, charged with alleged “crimes related to J6,” held overnight, and then conditionally released.

The FBI raided Massaquoi’s home in North Hollywood on June 10, 2021.

Using 15+ armed agents, AR-15s and tactical gear, the FBI interrogated him about attending the January 6 protests in 2020, intimidated 3 of his God-children, then confiscated Massaquoi’s laptop, 12-step recovery journals, two MAGA hats, and his phone.

Seeking to recover his private property, Massaquoi was told that because he wasn’t charged, he had no right to discovery – no right to access the items.

In July 2021 speaking alongside Freedom Watch lawyers, Massaquoi warned, “I want everyone to understand this: because I wasn’t charged, I don’t get a right to know why they came into my house at 5:45 in the morning, with guns drawn.”

Treated “as if I was running guns, trafficking children, nothing. That’s what they’re willing to do right to anybody who speaks out.”

The country “we’re all living in now has a president who tells us, if you’re going to oppose us, you’d better have a nuke, because you don’t stand a chance,” he added.

Massaquoi recounted the event in a November 17 interview on Instagram, saying, three-years on, he still hadn’t been charged.

On November 30, this changed.

He now faces four misdemeanour charges for being present at the protests in D.C, on J6.

Not the Bee and The LA Times reported, Massaquoi has been on a “watchlist” for some time.

He’s been under investigation for having associated with “a social media app,” seemingly connected to the January 6 protests, they explained.

Attempts to make the FBI accountable in an appeal fell flat in August this year when his case was “abruptly cancelled.”

Predicting his arrest, Massaquoi said, “If the [FBI/DOJ] get this case dismissed, they’re going to come back around, and try to charge me with something to lock me up.”

A Trump supporter, Massaquoi serves as the Vice Chair of the Los Angeles Republican party.

He’s also a regular on Calvary Chapel’s Godspeak podcast.

There the actor has advocated homeschooling, and spoken on the importance of Christians taking a more active role in the political arena.

In sum, he quipped in a March 2023 piece for Red State, “Let’s just say my social credit score isn’t looking so hot.”

Massaquoi expressed the sentiment that the Woke War on everything is a “battle for the mind, heart, and soul of man, and the nation.”

He called the culture war, “fifth generational warfare, and inferred that its army of Woke NGOs is employing the tactics of Saul Alinksy.”

Alinksy’s playbook encourages projection, gaslighting, “inverting the truth, manufacturing distractions, demonizing, and the eventual imprisonment and/or death of their political opponents.”

“I haven’t always been a Christian Conservative,” Massaquoi said.

He was “raised in Chicago by a single mother, bought up on the Democratic platform, dogma, and ideology.”

Until Massaquoi testified: ‘I woke up to the con game that was being run on the people by the Democratic Party (as part of the Uni-party System).

“At the same time, I was solidifying my sobriety and finding my relationship with God.”

No fan of Black Lives Matter, Massaquoi called the Marxist movement a “money-laundering fraud,” said Hollywood is “propped up financially” by the Chinese Communist Party, and described DEI, and CRT as “mental illnesses.”

Flooding social media with shock, support, and encouragement, Massaquoi’s supporters condemned his arrest as further evidence of political persecution.

Gina Corano posted, “This is political persecution.”

Tongue-in-cheek, LOOR TV added, “Please pray for one our filmmakers, and friend who was arrested by the FBI for his alleged participation in a guided tour by the kind Capital Police LARPing as tour guides on January 6th.”

One user observed the difference between violent BLM riots in DC outside the White House, and J6.

Violent BLM riots forced then President Trump into a bunker, and no one was arrested, yet, “Massaquoi was arrested at the airport this weekend for WALKING at the capital on J6. Welcome to the police state,” the X post read.

Elon Musk, aware of the political hitjob, went as far to say, “This [J6 political witch hunt] has gone too far.”

American actor Nick Searcy, wrote, “Maybe this will begin to wake people up to what the entire J6 lie really is: a psyop.”

On the flip-side.

Minus the pettiness, and potential political prison sentence, Massaquoi’s arrest has given loads of free advertising to the Daily Wire’s latest film, Lady Ballers – a satirical criticism of Transgenderism.

It’s also significantly boosted Massaquoi’s career profile, which comes complete with a justifiable GiveSendGo campaign.

If the Woke White House considers this all a win, they’re as blind as Joebama trying to read a teleprompter, ride a bike, or climb stairs on Air Force One.

Like their foppish foreign affairs policies, the administration’s J6 manoeuvre here is backfiring spectacularly.

No public relations company could’ve fumbled the ball for their opponents better.

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