Studio10 Hosts Criticize ‘Transphobic’ Man for Refusing to Date a ‘Woman’ With a Penis, Liken It to Racism

“That’s like me going, ‘I’d never date an Italian.'”

What a classic example of discriminatory behaviour being redefined by the radical Left.  Apparently, male and female are terms that have been all but done away with in order to make room for the new and accepted language of ‘cisgender’. I am supposed to define myself now as a ‘ciswoman’ meaning someone who identifies with the gender I was assigned at birth.  

Yet, a person who ‘identifies’ (or in actual reality simply IS) the most common of all sexual persuasions… heterosexual…  is not permitted to either retain their own language or add to the alphabet soup that has become the norm. 

Studio10 co-hosts have said it’s transphobic for men to say they would never date a transgender-woman, likening it to those who refuse to date people of a particular ethnic background.

“Why do you need to label yourself ‘super-straight’,” one host said. “This is kind of ridiculous. And it is transphobic, if you ask me, to think that you’re entitled to have a label of ‘super-straight’ because you don’t want to date a trans-woman.

“You know, we can’t help who we fall in love with. And people fall in love with people because they are attracted to them. What’s to say that this fellow won’t be attracted to a woman who happens to be trans.”

“That’s like me going, ‘I’d never date an Italian,’ or I’d never date a this, or I’d never date a that. It’s silly,” another host added.

This guy doesn’t want to date, or one presumes as an extension, have sex with trans women.  He has a sexual orientation that encompasses wanting to be intimate with someone who has a vagina and breasts… a real vagina and real breasts, the kind that women are born with.  

According to the ridiculous commentary of these reporters, this is discriminatory, transphobic and sad… sad that anyone would ever think like this apparently.

For goodness sake!   While we may laugh at the absurdity that straight men should want to have sex with trans women who may in fact still have a penis we may lose sight of the fact that this also goes for gay and lesbian people.   If a woman has a sexual preference for women she must be discriminating against a trans person, with a penis, if she states a preference for women.  The alphabet is growing both larger and shorter at the same time – all you L’s and G’s don’t belong here anymore!

To top it off, the male commentator suggests that saying something like ‘I don’t like dating Italian’s is the same as saying ‘I don’t like dating trans’.

We might want to laugh such idiocy off, but look at the serious faces on these people… they are not joking.  Nor are our legislators or professional bodies as they legislate away our language and our rights, in the name of ‘rights’ of a different kind, the kind determined by those in control, on a whim and fancy it would seem… ‘fluirights’ like ‘fluigender’ is the way of the future.  

The consequences of dissent from this path are becoming more serious on a daily basis.  Time to wake up.  #alarmistgatekeeping

Debbie Garratt is an educator and researcher on reproductive health and relationship issues and Executive Director of Real Choices Australia. Her recently completed PhD explores manipulative discourse in the context of controversial and polarising issues.
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