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Council cancels Christmas carols because ‘Muslims and Sikhs might not feel included’

A South Australian council has scrapped an annual Christmas event because Christmas is too religious and not inclusive enough for Muslims and Sikhs.

Adelaide’s Mitcham Council hosted ‘Carols By the Creek’ for more than twenty years before deciding to pull funding for the event this week.

Councillor Darren Kruse told Nine News, the council shouldn’t be funding a Christmas event because it’s a “religious event” and not inclusive of non-Christians:

“People of Muslim faith, and Sikh faith, and the multitude of other faiths we have in our community may not feel included,” Kruse said.

MP Sam Duluk said it was an “absolutely disgusting decision by City of Mitcham to dump Christmas carols this year.”

Chris Kenny of Sky News called it “cultural vandalism” and pointed out the absurdity of the council’s decision by highlighting the fact that the same council has budgeted $12,000 for their own staff Christmas party.

“There’s no shame in continuing your culture, enjoying it, adding to it, and celebrating it,” Kenny said.

“This episode just exposes the intellectual, moral, social and cultural weakness of the virtue signallers and the Green-Left posers.”

Two of the councillors who voted in favour of ending the funding have now said they will reconsider following community backlash. Let us hope common sense prevails.


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