SIX MONTHS jail and $11,000 fine if you leave your house without a ‘reasonable excuse’

The New South Wales government has made it illegal for anyone to leave their house without an excuse that state politicians deem “reasonable.”

According to the Public Health (COVID-19 Restrictions on Gathering and Movement) Order 2020, any person who is found in breach of the new public health order could spend up to six months in prison and/or be hit with an $11,000 fine, plus a further $5,500 fine for every day the offence continues.

Corporations who don’t comply with the new emergency ministerial directives can also face a $55,000 upfront fine followed by a $27,500 fine per day for the continuation of the offence.

Last Sunday several recommendations were made by the national cabinet which kick-started the newest public health order in response to the control and management of COVID-19 in Australia.

As a result, the order was established enabling police the power to enforce the latest restrictions and hold persons and corporations accountable by law.

The new public health order makes it unlawful for persons in New South Wales to leave their place of residence except for the 16 “reasonable excuses” which are outlined in Schedule 1 of the order. Some of the main excuses are to obtain food or other goods and services, work and education which cannot be done from the home, exercise and medical or carer reasons.

According to the new legislation, it’s also illegal for a person to participate in an outdoor social gathering of more than two people unless from the same household, or essential for work or education.

New South Wales Police Commissioner Michael Fuller has now been placed in charge of the states overall response to COVID-19 alongside the New South Wales Health headed by Health Minister Brad Hazzard.

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