Banned from Facebook for sarcastically suggesting, ‘Men are pigs’ in response to a video suggesting men are pigs…

Our Facebook Overlords are scraping the bottom of the barrel to silence conservative voices and this is yet another absolutely ridiculous example.

Yesterday Victoria Against Violence posted a video to their Facebook page titled, Respect Women: Call It Out (Public Transport). The video shows a fairly well-groomed man looking over at a woman and smiling while travelling on a bus. When another commuter notices, he stands between the man and the woman, breaking the line of sight. The man looks away as the words, “Respect Women; Call it Out” appear on the screen.

After being tagged in the post by a friend, I replied with three words: “Men are pigs.” That is, after all, what many think the video seems to suggest.

Within minutes of posting the reply, I received a notification that I had violated Facebook’s Community Standards on “hate speech.” Never mind the fact that I am a MAN and the reply was clearly sarcasm, there are plenty of man-hating feminists like Clementine Ford spouting out a heck of a lot worse on their Facebook verified pages.

So, what’s the difference here? The Left can post any anti-white/male/Christian/hetro content they wish, but when a conservative Christian does it in jest, they’re hit with a 24-hour ban.


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