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Senator Fraser Anning blasts the Safe Schools program, calling it ‘institutionalised child abuse… destroying the traditional fabric of society…’

Senator Fraser Anning has pulled no punches, blasting the highly-sexualised Safe Schools programs, branding it “institutionalised child abuse” designed to destroy the traditional fabric of society and corrupt the youth.

In a series of posts on Twitter, Senator Anning said: “Fifty years ago, if a communist pervert had proposed that our nation’s children be forced to listen to sexually deviant propaganda, they would probably have been strung up. Today, this disgusting garbage is called the Safe Schools program.”

“When the schools that we trust to look after our children force them at a pre-sexual age to discuss sexual concepts about which they have no understanding and even, disgustingly, engage in homosexual role-playing, this is simply institutionalised child abuse.”

“Whether you identify as a boy, or a girl, wearing different clothes, it makes no difference. Even if you start having bits chopped off, you are actually only deluding yourself. You are and remain until the day you die either male or female, as God made you.”

“In critical theory, ethnic and religious minorities, radical feminists, sexual deviants, Third World immigrants and antisocial criminals could take the place of proletariat to create a post-communist revolution, deconstructing traditional values and the white family.”

“The real goal of the Safe Schools Commo perverts has absolutely nothing to do with safety in schools or compassion. It’s all about destroying the traditional fabric of our society, corrupting our youth and creating Gramsci’s nightmare vision of a Marxist utopia.”

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