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Senator Cory Bernardi says, migration is ‘too high’ and welfare entitlements are ‘too generous’

Migration levels are too high and welfare entitlements are too generous, according to Senator Cory Bernardi, and many, many other concerned Australians.

Australia’s current intake is around 230,000-240,000 per year. That’s a million additional people in four years. A figure close to the population of the city of Adelaide, which took two hundred years to develop.

According to Bernardi, “governments haven’t been able to keep up with the infrastructure demands on it, and there’s been a too generous welfare entitlement.”

“If you reduce the level of migration firstly, until we can catch up, that’s one positive thing. Secondly we need to target those people who are going to make an immediate contribution to our economy,” he said.

What do you think? Are current immigration levels too high?


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