Selected Comments From the Church and Covid Vaccination Survey

“Both my wife and I are in education and will lose our jobs. I can’t even bring this up at church because the expectation is that we follow the government orders. There is no empathy or understanding as to why we wouldn’t ‘just get the jab’.”

Caldron Pool’s recent “Church and Covid Vaccination Survey” provided a space for people to leave additional comments. We are publishing a selection of the comments below. We tried to select comments which best reflect the range of thoughts and experiences that were expressed.

The comments have been divided into four categories.

  • Comments about church policy
  • Expressions of distress and loss
  • General opinions and experiences
  • Humorous comments

We appreciate the survey respondents being candid with their experiences and views. It gives an insight into the turmoil that is being caused in many peoples’ lives at the present time.

Church policy

I made a personal choice to be vaccinated, as I believed (on balance) that it was the best way for me to proceed, but believe that this decision should not be coerced by government, nor should church leaders exert undue pressure on God’s people.

As the pastor of a church I’ve reluctantly gone along with the government’s edicts on church closures (as my denomination required of me) – but have made it clear that I’m drawing the line at the segregation of church along the lines of vaccination.  We *will* not co-operate with any demands that we monitor the vaccine status of congregation members, or that we exclude anyone on that basis.  
We’re going online to 80% so no one is excluded and then doing a separate service for double vax only just for the 5 weeks from 80% to December- the rationale is to provide a space to love the covid fearful and highly vulnerable. Our main service is open slather. Come December we will have both services open to everyone and hope to have walked the fearful to a more open position by then. We won’t be doing any online stuff after December either. I still don’t like it – but it might be the best middle ground… we also meet in rented venues, both only allowing fully vaccinated people access at the moment which will complicate things even more 🙁  
Our church (independent reformed evangelical – part of the FIEC grouping of churches) decided not to resume services until the unvaxxed are permitted to attend. In NSW, the govt exemption for religious services allows this from late Oct. Accordingly, we will resume on Oct 31. Praise God for the wise biblically-driven leadership of our church.

My position on vaccines: Voluntary personal choice, by informed, consenting adults, free of coercion or propaganda. Given that the vaccines are based on novel gene therapy technology with unknown long term health effects, and are still effectively undergoing clinical trials (in real-time, at entire-population-scale), there is no warrant for any government, corporation, organisation or individual to mandate vaccination for anyone.

I’ve already spoken to our church elders about separation based on the vax mandates, and while the answer was lukewarm and not direct, it gave the position strongly enough for me to decide we aren’t going back (if I was allowed to in the end). It saddens me, as I grew up in that church, and it’s a wonderful place for our kids, but I’m not going to put my kids back in that space when I believe it is doing the wrong thing by even considering abiding by the government mandates.  
Our church decided to segregate early, it was very distressing for several of us, feeling like lepers  
Our church has chosen to go online for a couple of weeks and is doing small groups online or on a Sunday to ensure that no one is disadvantaged.
I preached recently at an evangelical Sydney church and even in raising the concept of someone being “vaccine hesitant”, discussion was prompted. Many had never heard this term, nor I believe imagined someone, especially a Christian, having a view that was not committed to mandatory vaccines. Thankfully our discussion post sermon (over Zoom) prompted the church to reconsider starting back at the 70% mark and turning away those not vaccinated. It’s amazing what even asking a question and presenting a different narrative can do. Keep up all the good work.  
My church has five priests. They are saying 10 masses a day so everyone can come as they refuse to discriminate  
Our church decided to comply with no jab – no attend and meet Government rules.
We also run a community care program, where no jab – no helping after this Friday applies. Yet the people who come in to receive food are not restricted by their ‘ jab status’. I believe churches in Victoria should have stood their ground and demanded exemption from double vax to attend services, as churches in NSW have.
Our church has decided not to segregate, to our great relief, even though it means re-opening is going to be complicated. Our elders have said that vaccination is not a doctrinal issue, and they do not want to push people one way or another. The church has been very supportive of its members throughout the whole pandemic.  

People suffering distress or loss

Both my husband and I have lost our jobs as we feel strongly convicted in our spirits not to get it. We have 2 young kids.
Face possible loss, of retirement village home.
I am facing being kicked out of home because I am not vaccinated – this coming from a family that has been going to the same church for the last two decades
5 year degree, 5 years work experience.

72 hour testing announced. Work in a pathology lab and run COVID PCR tests for the public. Working 11 hour shifts (supposed to be 8). Inadequate resources & personnel (5000 sample backlog). Working 12am-8am shift (only person at work doing night shift). 3 weeks in, lost 10 kg – 5min breaks at work.
PHO mandate announced, lost the job.
No income, no call backs from job applications due to vac status, not much savings left (1-3 months). Full mortgage. Single earner, single home owner.

God help me.
I am in a crisis of conscience (I do not want to be vaccinated, but fear I will be forced to in order to provide for my family). As a man of integrity this decision weighs heavily on my conscience. Can the writers at Caldron Pool please do a piece aiming to provide guidance on this particular dilemma.

Also, why are only a small number of pastors talking about this? And, why aren’t churches reopening? I keep waiting for my church leaders to show some genuine faith in our Lord and open up.
I am a nurse. I now have no job. 
I feel pressured into taking the vaccine otherwise I would lose my job and probably have no way to support myself.
I HATE the fact that although I have always wanted to not be vaccinated, now we in NSW are supposedly getting freedoms, I find I now must get jabbed because I can no longer visit my son in a group home unless double jabbed.  He has medical issues which requires me to visit him, sometimes weekly, and can’t hold out to Dec 1st.  Up till “freedom day” I was able to do so no problem.  Ridiculous double standards
I have been an authorised worker going into my church since lockdown began in Melbourne, every Sunday to take part in our online services as a worship leader and singer. I have now been banned from doing so. Been told when they do open up that I will no longer be allowed to do what God has called me to do. My ministry is singing. I am a professional singer and I use my gift as a vessel for the Holy Spirit to bring joy and comfort. Now I am denied from using it. I am devastated.
My husband and adult sons have been coerced into having the covid vaccination to keep their jobs. I don’t see the point of segregation when the vaccination doesn’t prevent spreading the virus
I have spent the entire day in tears. I am not anti-vax at all but have serious concerns about how the current vaccines may affect a chronic disease I have along with the fact that I have suffered life threatening pulmonary embolisms in the past. My GP agreed and was concerned enough to give me a medical exemption but today when I arrived for my appointment to sign the completed documentation with him, I was informed he had been gagged and could no longer provide a medical exemption. I am absolutely devastated. I can hold on until 1 December but can’t believe that we are be persecuted for wanting to wait or look at other options. … Why are people accepting this? Churches of all places should not be discriminating. In fact, churches should not be involved in politics at all. I just want freedom of choice without coercion and segregation.
I find this segregation occurring within society appalling. We feel guilty and sorry for how we treated our native Australians in the past, drawing chalk lines around pubs and shops they couldn’t enter, putting up ropes to divide them into lower-class sections at the cinema. It’s disgusting.

I work at a Catholic school and am now on leave as I am not vaccinated. I am permanent fulltime and have been a part of this close-knit community for ten years. I have cared for the children of essential workers for the past 18 months while most worked from home. And within weeks of this decision, I’m am no longer allowed to be amongst them and will likely not have my job next year. I am a single mum of 3 with a mortgage. But this mandate goes against everything I have ever been taught, have myself taught children, and everything I stand for to my core. … These vaccines are based on HEKS cells which I will not contemplate having any part  in accepting. Why is my life more important than the one that was lost to base these vaccines on? I go by God’s rules, not man’s. And I refuse to comply in any segregation. Mother Teresa sat with her people, regardless of status or illness. As will I. I can’t afford to be coerced into this under duress, I have morals and instincts to keep intact. And my children are watching.
I was refused entry to my NRMA branch who are very helpful with my paperwork.  I have poor hearing.   It gave me the sense of being ‘downgraded’ and caused the staff member considerable embarrassment.
After 68 years I am forced to relinquish my SRE classes at the local school
I’m a pregnant nurse, and was only vaccinated to keep my job. I’ve only had one dose and will not have the second dose.

I wish I had not been bullied into taking this injection.

My sincere hope is that no church will exclude unvaccinated people from the public worship service.
Online church is not church.
It goes without saying, but the whole thing has stressed me out. I have been working in my position at a hospital for five and a half years and if I’m not vaxxed today (15th of October 2021) I’m out of a job. I feel we’ve been rushed into making a decision.
It’s enough mental and emotional stress already for us who are being pressured to take trial vaccines. I’ve lost friends over the issue and have experienced hate and condemnation from Christian friends and relatives for my stance. So much disappointment from people I trust including local doctors who push me to vaccinate.
I’ve left my pastorate over this
Lost a 20 year career in education, including 10 years being self-employed. The church I attend is closing for the weeks that we are segregated. This is plainly to cause fracture by the government.
Mandatory vaccinations have prevented me from now ever seeing my mother who is in aged care
My elderly mother lives in NSW and is a daily Mass attendant. She will not be vaccinated because it’s an experimental vaccine therefore she cannot partake in the Mass or enter her place of worship. She knows Jesus would not approve because he never turned away his followers. Because of her committed faith, she is now sitting outside the Church in the elements to be present for the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

The Catholic Bishops are failing to stand up for their flock despite their duty to help the Christian save his soul, not his physical body. We have entered into a major crisis when religious leaders allow their flock to be segregated. It appears they are failing to recognise their fundamental purpose is to guide the faithful to heaven.
My husband lost his job because he could not in good conscience have the vax. We have felt vulnerable in our church because they do not want to discuss this. We would love for the leadership to acknowledge there are differences of opinion about the vax and that we need an extra measure of grace with each other at this time.
My husband was stood down from his job over our decision not to vaccinate. We believe in freedom of choice.
Aside from the health issues that concern us we cannot be part of something that is causing incredible division and hate in families, friendship and churches.
Here in Canada we SCREAM about lack of hospital beds – due not to coronavirus – but due to NURSES NOT BEING ALLOWED TO WORK unvaccinated – no nurses, less beds – it’s not corona – it’s government…  I work at the University of Alberta – been there 30 years!  This week I find out if I’ll be on a FORCED Leave WITHOUT PAY for an indefinite period. 
I am a parent of a vaccine injured child, who is now 30 years old.  I have suffered the grief, fear, financial and emotional stress and so much more of living with the results of my son’s adverse reaction.  I would struggle to vaccinate with a vaccine that was fully tested. … I have felt very isolated and have lost so many Christian friends who have turned away from me because of my stance on the forcing on this one size fits all medical treatment.  I have been extremely hurt by this because many of these people know the struggle we have had as a family because of vaccine injury.  I am left feeling rejected and ostracized by the very people I thought I could depend on – my church family.   I do not even feel comfortable in services now, and am struggling with the overwhelming feeling of judgment heaped upon me.
The stress and anxiety that that these mandates cause is huge, however not knowing if my church or another church that I had also attended is going to separate vaccinated and unvaccinated people is even more stressful.
The very thought that some churches are considering this is devastating!
The whole C19 mess over the last 2 years is slowly having an effect on my mental state, manifesting in various fight/flight symptoms. Stress related to possible ex-communication from my church, stress from being humiliated and talked about at my sporting club, even the possibility that non-vaxxed will be barred from club positions. The most stressful thing is that you have no power to fight and certainly can’t run away leaving me in the most dreadful experience of my life.
My Mum and brother have lost jobs in hospitals and nursing homes respectively due to mandates. They were treated horribly by management through this time. Due to vaccine mandates there is now a shortage of health workers in the middle of a health crisis. They worked all of last year without a vaccine. Why should they be forced to have it now?
I’m greatly saddened by the division. I feel like a leper.
Will give up teaching career of 18 years to keep my conscience clear.
I am a nurse/midwife of over 20 years & have been given a formal letter stating I cannot work until I am vaccinated.
I am in healthcare and have a vaccination booked for next week just in order to save my jobs. This makes me very sad and very angry all at once. It is a loss of personal freedom and fear what will be next … I have tried to make a strong stand for my children, grandchildren and unborn grandchildren but have been forced to succumb to the tyranny of our federal and state governments!
I face harsh depression with what is happening, my choice for not being vaccinated will result in me not providing for my family- my children are suffering mentally and my church I expected to help and comfort in this matter but they have divided and I have no support from them. This life in Australia is now a living hell.
I have never felt bullying, harassment and coercion like I have experienced recently. Both my wife and I are in education and will lose our jobs. I can’t even bring this up at church because the expectation is that we follow the government orders. There is no empathy or understanding as to why we wouldn’t ‘just get the jab’.
I have one week left of a long teaching career. I will be dismissed for doing nothing wrong… just my private medical status is suddenly public information as an unvaccinated person.
The psychological pressure from so many groups is very painful & damaging.

General opinions and experiences

I am a medical doctor. I don’t believe that mandated vaccines should apply to any specific subgroup, including healthcare workers. To do this is to discriminate that healthcare workers should be subject to medical apartheid. Healthcare workers should be afforded the same rights to decide what can be injected into their body, keeping in mind that this mandate is currently enforcing a ‘vaccine’ that is still experimental.
I appreciate that many (not all) healthcare workers come into contact with high risk patients and this is the main concern for vaccination however the type of vaccine should be encouraged at an institutional level on an individual basis, not as a blanket rule advised by the government.

As a medical doctor who stands to possibly lose their job and even registration (for not following the narrative endorsed by AHPRA), I disagree that any healthy, hard-working citizen should have their livelihood removed for being cautious about injecting something into their body that they object to.
I am a nurse who worked in the last pandemic. Even if this virus had a high death rate – the church should not be running away from people. There are responsible, sensible, and reasonable ways to fellowship, but given there is a 98%+ survival rate without any jab, there is no excuse for the Church to segregate people. If we can’t  accept the truth that we all die at some point, and that Christ offers us peace in the face of death, then we need to check our motives for calling ourselves Christian.
I am considering being vaccinated with the safer Novavax vaccine when it becomes available. To me, the risk from the current vaccines is as great as the risk from the virus.

Non-Christians respect courage even if they don’t necessarily accept the reasoning or the decision. A church leadership which becomes a bunch of yes men for the government undermines the witness of the gospel for the sake of worldly acceptance.

It seems that the church no longer has the discernment to draw the line between what is due to God (all of it) and what is due to Caesar.
I’m sorry to see all the clamour about vaccinations in Christian circles. It is our job to love our neighbours as we love ourselves; if being vaccinated helps reduce the worst impacts of COVID 19 – and evidence is strong that it does – we have a duty not only to be vaccinated ourselves, but to urge others within our influence to do the same. This is a sensible and ethical course of action to take. I am very disappointed to see Christian leaders raising issues which make it more difficult for people to decide to be vaccinated.
I am deeply concerned about how divisive this subject matter has become amongst believers, some who ignorantly judge the unvaccinated as being unloving and selfish without seeking to truly understand the reasons and motivations they have for such a stance. I am also concerned how churches may be at risk of putting government directed mandates before obedience to our Lord Jesus Christ.
I am happily vaccinated. I was happy to do so, it was my choice. What makes me upset is the division this is causing.  I think we should be able to mix freely and respect each other’s views.
I am very disappointed in my church leadership for refusing to engage in discussion about mandatory vaccination.
I do not believe vaccination should be mandatory under any circumstances. Also, the bullying and hatred towards the unvaccinated that is being propagated  by some pastors is disturbing.
I don’t understand how chief health officers, who should have done the ethics of informed consent at university, are ok with this. Nor do I understand that with everything that happened between 1920 and 1990 people are ok with what’s going on. A lot of the bad things that happened are within living memory or still going on and are universally condemned. But now we are implementing the worst polices of totalitarian regimes to acclaim and applause.
I feel under-represented by church leadership in Australia. My own congregation has many members who are concerned and would stand against the mandates, but the leadership does not seem to see a problem and uses “love thy neighbour” to justify giving up rights without considering the bigger picture. I’ve been told that I shouldn’t be comparing the situation to Nazi Germany but there are so many parallels, even one of our members who is the son of a Polish Nazi Occupation survivor has spoken out but is being ignored.
I had my first vaccine when they stated they were going to open up, as at that stage there was no pressure, I made the choice. However, since then, with the creation of vaccine mandates, I will not be having my second vaccine. I feel very strongly about the segregation of society and the freedom of conscience.
I have left the Anglican church.
The new arch-bishop having the sign off on his emails “GET VACCINATED” is enough.
I have received a letter from the seniors’ group that I used to attend in a church which was very pressuring of me with the last line stating: “At present it is Uniting Church policy that all who attend a gathering of any kind on church property must have proof of double vaccination on entry. Please do make every effort to “get the jabs”.”
I don’t want to get the COVID vaccine but I am considering the Novavax one if my freedoms continue to be impeded and nothing is done about it through legal actions
I feel abandoned by my church who are willing to blindly follow Government mandates but not the word of God.
I will seek out other believer’s  where my medical status will not be an issue but that I am a repentant sinner who walks with the Lord Jesus Christ.
I have not been back to my Presbyterian church in Brisbane for some time. My pastor was not willing to sign the Ezekiel Declaration and the flavour of the services is very much covid worshipping. …. I’m sad to say I don’t think I’ll be going back, and am unable to hold dialogue with the elders on the subject.
I want to make clear I’m not ani-vaccination. I’ve had all vaccines prior to this Covid-19 vaccine and all 5 of my children are vaccinated. I feel there is something very unusual in the rush and forced nature for this vaccine. There has never been such a push for a vaccine for a virus that has a fatality rate of under 99.9%. Bizarre.
There are as many ‘reasons’ to not undertake a medical procedure as there are people offered that procedure.  The risk/cost/benefit calculation is an intricate and complicated matter that can never be delegated to anyone other than the person paying the highest price, the recipient and subject of the procedure.  Overriding this right is not a sign of an advanced society but of a fallen society. … The cost to a society, of people not choosing to vaccinate, is far lower than the cost of mandates and divisive controls.  The potential for ongoing incidence of an illness, albeit at a slower rate of spread is a smaller price to pay than the cost of the division brought about by such mandates and controls.  
I would just like to say that I have felt very let down by church leaders on a state and national level, which of course channels down to local levels that they have not stood up for all their people throughout this ordeal.  I see them as being shepherds of their flocks and they have failed their flock. The question they should have been praying and pondering over should have been what would Jesus do? 
Imagine an unsaved person who is scared, questioning what life is about, and seeking real answers (as many are today).  The church turns them away because they are unvaccinated, and they then die from Covid infection.  How will this church answer to Jesus one day?  Contrast that with the example of Martin Luther who remained in his village to provide practical and spiritual support when the Black Plague came through, turning the Monastery into an infirmary.  He could have died an agonising death. He almost lost his little son to the disease.  Here we have supposedly vaccinated leaders who are not willing to make any sacrifice for their sheep, or the unsaved.  I know who my hero is, I know who reflected the love of Jesus.  And we can all see who is not following this example.
In the words of someone greater in history.
“Whenever I hear anyone arguing for slavery, I feel a strong impulse to see it tried on him personally.” ― Abraham Lincoln

As a Minister I wonder how those demanding others surrender their freedoms and choices or face being removed from society, the redeemed community and isolated forever, would respond if they were told to do something that violated their consciences.
It is irresponsible to mandate covid vaccination in the absence of long term safety data and is an assault on our personal autonomy.
My opinion is that vaccination is an act of love, to keep others and myself safe.  Despite uneducated opinions, vaccination is safe and as churches, we should follow the law of our state and nation.  Please review Romans 13, especially verse 1. 
I feel there are many Christians ‘making mischief’ and causing serious trouble. 
It is not a reason to split the church. We should support each other’s convictions. It is Jesus’ sacrifice that saves and unites us.
It is contrary to Jesus’s teachings for people to be segregated in a church setting. He invited all, even lepers who were ostracised  from society because of health reasons!
Left Anglican Church when COVID began & joined a small group of Christians (unvaccinated) in a house group.
I have a conscience issue with the fact that aborted foetus cells, or cell lines derived from murdered unborn babies, are being used in the testing of the vaccines.
I will not with a clear conscience before God, be able to use this vaccinations. …  I also believe the natural love and care for each other is being suffocated by social distancing and stay at home orders. We should be caring for others, preaching the gospel and having communion with fellow believers.
My answer above is contingent upon a conventional vaccine (Novavax) being approved and made available in Australia. AZ vax was ruled out from the beginning by my wife and I as we could not use any vaccine, for ourselves or our children, which is cultured from abortion-origin FCL’s. RNA vaxxes such as Pfizer & Moderna use an experimental and radical methodology of unknown medium and long-term effects, and have therefore also been ruled out by us. Most in our church are unvaxxed as yet for similar reasons.
Of all the vaccines I have taken in my life like tetanus shots, measles, mumps, … I have never seen a vaccine that threatened the relationship between my family members and/or close friends to a point of destroying my relationships with them ever.
My father & his parents fled Ukraine  in the 1940’s to avoid persecution from Stalin & communism. No freedom to worship. Christians were denied work & freedom. Teachers had to inform on their students. I teach. SAME thing is happening again! It fills me with horror that our democracy is disintegrating before our very eyes.
No church can justify segregation if they believe in the Bible and understand the book of James about not treating people with partiality.
Our local church has been very understanding and supportive of all, despite their vaccination status, for which I am very grateful.
People I know who are unvaccinated have only had their opinions hardened by the mandatory vaccine edicts. You cannot argue someone into changing their mind. Our church signs have always said all welcome. It would be a shame to change this.
People who refuse to get vaccinated are selfish, uneducated morons.  They have no consideration for their fellow man.
Probably the initial and still main reason for me not being vaccinated is the use of cell lines from an aborted baby in development and/or testing of currently available vaccines in Australia, this is an ethical and moral line that I can’t cross. After speaking to many Christians who chose to be vaccinated many of them were completely unaware of this, seems odd to me that denomination leaders wouldn’t be raising awareness of this as it seems to go against our faith.
Rather than have a service for unvaccinated people, churches should just have a service for vaccinated people, and allow unvaccinated people to watch the service online.
Seeing Christian leaders insulting vax-hesitant people as uninformed, unintelligent, lazy or immoral has actually disappointed many of my non-Christian friends because they expected us to love everyone equally.
Segregating society for the sake of a largely unnecessary vaccination is totalitarian, and history has taught us that totalitarian regimes invariably abolish individual freedom and privacy and, more often than not, curtail religious practice and ritual.  In such societies the state ultimately replaces the church, the family and the community.  I don’t think I am overstating the case in saying that the vaccine mandate sets Australia on the road to totalitarianism.
The Covid measures and vaccination status has much in common with the ritual cleanliness and hypocritical self-righteousness of the Pharisees; not the love and redemption of Christ. …  I would stop going to any Church that insists on passports even though I have been double-vaxxed with AZ.
As a retired pastor I am saddened by the silence of the church and appalled at its cooperation with would be tyrants. It seems discernment has been lost, fear has taken a foothold and scripture has been misinterpreted to justify cooperation with enslavement.
But it is also rather splendid that we were born for such a time as this!
As a teacher in a Catholic school I’m seeing a huge amount prejudice and discrimination towards children and adults based on vaccination status, and a lot of fear based assumptions which completely contradict the church’s teaching.
Small churches will suffer, and members of the congregation would feel segregated, unloved and disconnected from people they would normally want to fellowship with.
I loathe the idea of vaccination passports. Even when I am fully vaccinated (done under duress), I will be reluctant to participate in a divided society. I would not attend a divided church or go to a divided cinema.
The first mistake the churches in Australia made was allowing the government to decide they were not essential. From that point on the church was in the category of “entertainment”.
Then the church willingly adopted government QR codes when the state has no business knowing who and when people attend worship.
By compromising on these first 2 “small things” they have made it hard for them to resist vaccine mandates
The leadership team in my church continuously pressure church members to get vaccinated, based on the command to love your neighbour. I don’t know how to respond to this and fear that many people have gone against their conscience and injected themselves with this drug because they don’t want to be seen as not loving their neighbour, and therefore sinning against God.
Whatever you think about having or not having the vaccination is beside the point. The bullying methods used by government etc. and the lack of transparency, suppression of disagreeing voices, not allowing people to talk through their concerns and have them addressed in a respectful way, belittling and blaming non-compliant people are the easily recognisable destructive fruit of this whole covid business.
The vaccination issue is supposed to be private health related, not a theological divide, yet enforcing it in churches WILL make it a theological issue.
I feel that by taking the vaccines or by allowing the State to dictate worship terms we are offering a pinch of incense to Caesar.
This is the worst en masse violation of human rights in Australia that I have ever seen and I would argue in Australia’s history other than massacres of the indigenous.
Some of my children have had the jab only for the purpose of getting the % rate up so people can be free. I’m an Australian and I’m free already (whether jabbed or not). My parents came from a Communist country and I’ve experienced what that’s like and Australia is becoming just like that with their vaccine passports and control over my choices.
The media have sent an unconscious message to people that unvaccinated people are a danger. This is simply not true
Very sad to see the fear and division this debate about vaxxed vs unvaxxed has caused within society, families, friends, churches, and the trauma on many from the constant lockdowns, and not being able to see family members, or have visitors, also concerned for kids not being able to attend school and see their friends.
Wanted to be able to teach scripture and remain serving God in the community and felt if I didn’t get vaccinated I would be stopped
While I believe (quite staunchly) that the church should not reject the unvaccinated or even make note of it, I do not blame parishioners, clergy and elders for making the decision.

In my opinion, there is an exceedingly large propaganda campaign being waged, and it is easy to see why people are behaving this way, as they are only human.
The intense pressure to be vaccinated makes me suspicious of the ulterior motives.
The church should not be a part of such a societal divide. Everyone should be welcome to hear the gospel.
I have been vaccinated due to diminished immune system because of medication for arthritis. But I do not approve of mandatory vaccination and a two tier society. 
I think this is quite a biased survey … It doesn’t provide any option for people to indicate that they are happy with how state governments are placing restrictions on people based on their vaccination status.

Funny ones!

Acts 2:41, New Aussie Translation  “Then they that gladly received his word were baptized: and after vaccination the state allowed to be added unto the Church about three thousand souls for six months until such time as booster shots were due”
When he came down from the mountain, great crowds followed him. And behold, a Covid-positive man came to him and knelt before him, saying, “Lord, if you will, you can make me clean.” And Jesus rebuked him, saying, “Why are you not wearing a mask? Why are you not social distancing? And have you been double jabbed yet, and had your booster shots? Depart from me. You are unclean.” And the man went away sad, and still diseased.

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