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WATCH: Doctor sacked for refusing to use transgender language in heated exchange with trans model

Dr David Mackereth, the Christian doctor who was fired after he refused to identify patients by a gender contrary to genetics and biology, has appeared on British television to defend his position.

Dr Mackereth appeared on This Morning, alongside transgender model Munroe Bergdorf, who essentially suggested that while anatomy and genetics have not changed, society has and doctors need to accept that.

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“It would be dishonest for me to do that,” Dr Mackereth explained. “If we have no doctors or nurses with consciences anymore, anything could happen. We have to be allowed to have a conscience when we work as doctors or nurses, even if we disagree with each other on some things.”

Dr Mackereth went on to point out that, “The science I studied at primary school on anatomy was very clear, the science I studied on genetics was very clear. The anatomy hasn’t changed and the genetics hasn’t changed.”

“Society has,” Bergdorf responded.


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