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Secularism Is a Lie

"Secularism is not an end goal for a society, it is a transition phase."

Secularism is neither a realistic nor even a possible end goal for a society. It is a transition phase.

When Roman society was transitioning from Pagandom (Satandom, as I call it) to Christendom, it went through a phase of broad toleration and secularisation.

This began with Constantine, but except for one reversal, Rome eventually submitted to Christian dominance, and such was the status quo for Europe for over 1600 years.

In the last century or so, Christians have fallen for the lie of secularism. For a few short decades, this utopian vision looked realized — a society where all religions could flourish together.

But nature abhors a vacuum and the nature of Satandom (or Pagandom) is to always fill that vacuum, especially when the Church is refusing to fill that vacuum itself.

The old Baals and Asherahs are back, now under the guise of feminism, sexular culture, statism, and more. 

Secularism is not an end goal for a society, it is a transition phase.

Only, this time the Church willingly handed back the rule to Satandom under the guise of a false vision of a possible state of human society.