Rowan Dean Slams Authorities Following Huge BLM Protests: ‘Either There Is a Pandemic or There Isn’t… Was It All Just a Con?’

Rowan Dean of Sky News has slammed state authorities after Black Lives Matter protests went ahead in cities across Australia over the weekend in defiance of coronavirus social distancing rules.

“Either there is a pandemic or there isn’t,” Dean said. “Either our governments had the right to lock us down or they didn’t. Yesterday the premiers made a mockery of this nation and the loyalty of its people. Of you and of me…

“If the pandemic is real then our most vulnerable Indigenous Australians now have a potential death sentence hanging over them. So much for ‘Black Lives Matter.’ Clearly not to the people who marched in our cities yesterday, endangering Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians alike at the very moment restrictions were being lifted, shame on you!

“Or was it all just a con? Were the states denying us our constitutional rights and had no authority to shut down our businesses and shut down our lives? If so, premiers, and police chiefs, and those chief medical officers lied and they must go!”


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