Professors Call For Blacklisting of A-Grade Mexican Psychology Grad Who Backed Biological Science

“Pérez’s alleged social sin? He defended life from conception, marriage between man and woman, and was critical of gender indoctrination in schools.”

Christian Fernando Cortés Pérez, an A-grade psychology graduate is fighting for life and livelihood, against LGBTQ+ lobbyists who have demanded his university disqualify him for affirming biological science.

Professors from Mexico’s Autonomous University of Baja California (UABC) issued a “manifesto” in early August, ordering the university sanction, disbar, withdraw, and blacklist, Pérez for comments made in his June 2022 graduation address.

Pérez’s alleged social sin? He ‘defended life from conception, marriage between man and woman, and was critical of gender indoctrination in schools.’

In their summary of the case, the legal defence group, ADF International, said, “Christian called for the rejection of the redefinition of the family and radical gender ideology,” stating, “Today we are deep into a real anthropological struggle to redefine the human being, the human person, man, through the implementation of ideologies and fashions of thought that always end up undermining dignity and freedom.”

Pérez also defended the family unit, invoking G.K. Chesterton’s reminder that, “People do not know what they are doing; because they do not know what they are undoing.

“To attack life and the family is to self-destruct, [because] attacks on the family are an attack on civilization itself,” Pérez declared.

According to ADF, he then ‘called on his peers to live in solidarity with one another.’

ADF said this triggered University professors, who’ve now called on UABC to sanction Pérez for so-called “hate speech” by ‘1) withholding his academic degree and professional license, 2) withdrawing his merit award, and 3) alerting psychology associations across Mexico regarding his actions.’

With ADF International’s help, Pérez has filed a counter-claim, which the Pysch. Grad said was aimed at, “Protecting his rightful interests, but also a stand in defence of the free speech rights of every student.”

Pérez added, “To be clear, I recognize that some may not agree with the content of my speech, but that’s what free speech is all about. Everyone should be able to peacefully share their views at university, without fear of punishment or retaliation.”

Video posted online shows some students shunning Pérez’s remarks, with ADF confirming that ‘he was confronted by loud protests, and walkouts on the part of some students, and faculty, but he was able to deliver the graduation address in full.’

A petition set up to support Pérez has so far garnered over 23,000 signatures, with this number likely to rise as news of his plight continues to spread.

The University of Baja California is expected to hand down its judgment on September 18.

This latest Cultural Marxist cancellation campaign against opposing viewpoints is an example of how the art of persuasion is being increasingly compromised by the weaponization of subjectivism.

Tools in the arsenal of argument and dialogue, are being overthrown by a penchant for bitter monologue.

Pérez’s predicament further shows that subjectivists don’t want to be reasoned with, they want their feelings affirmed, regardless of the facts.

His situation attests to the problem of militant left Professors, who’ve infiltrated campuses across the globe.

This is something ex-Communist and far-left activist, David Horowitz, has long called out as ‘the enemy of freedom within that preaches a fiction to prop up a false sense of moral superiority.’

‘Identity politics,’ he wrote, ‘is a Marxist ideology dedicated to the destruction of faith, family, life, and liberty.’

Its black heart is ‘totalitarianism, which erases individuals, judges on appearances lives by lies, and divides, in order to conquer.’

As the courageous, Christian Fernando Cortés Pérez said, “Today we are deep into a real anthropological struggle,” against “ideologies and fashions of thought that always end up undermining dignity and freedom.”

A Spanish version of Pérez’s speech can be found here. You can sign the petition here.


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