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Parents sue ultrasound clinic for “wrongful birth” after their daughter was born with Down syndrome

A Queensland couple are suing the medical staff at a Gold Coast ultrasound clinic for “wrongful birth” after failing to diagnose their unborn daughter with Down syndrome.

The parents, who gave birth to their daughter back in 2015, said they would have aborted the now four-year-old girl if they had known of her condition.

In 2014 the couple were allegedly told by both a doctor and a sonographer that the risk of a chromosomal abnormality was in the “low range” and advised that further testing was unnecessary.

The parents have indicated they will seek damages for child-rearing costs, with the mother also suing for personal injury.

In contrast, when Courtney Baker and her husband were told that their daughter would be born with Down syndrome, abortion wasn’t an option, despite doctors pressuring Courtney to abort her daughter.

“I think the proof that people are more than their diagnosis, is my daughter,” Courtney said.

“My Emersyn is so much more than we were told she was going to be. More than my highest expectations. More than my greatest dreams.”


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