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Opting out is ILLEGAL: Children as young as FIVE will be taught about homosexuality and transgenderism in primary schools.

Children as young as five will be taught lessons on homosexuality and transgenderism after the UK “Conservative” government finalized a new curriculum.

According to RT, the lessons, set to roll out across UK schools next year, will be mandatory for all students, making it illegal for parents to remove their children from the classroom for the lessons in secondary school.

Over 100,000 signatures have been gathered in a petition opposing the move, demanding the choice to opt-out of the lessons be retained for the length of the child’s school education.

“We believe it is the parent’s fundamental right to teach their child ‘Relationship and Sex Education’ topics or to at least decide who teaches them and when and how they are taught. We want the right to opt out children out of RSE when it becomes mandatory in September 2020,” the petition states.

In 2017, UK Prime Minister Theresa May vowed to make sex-education in English schools LGBTQ-inclusive, stating: “We need to keep up our action… in making sure LGBT issues are taught well. We’re determined to eradicate homophobic and transphobic bullying.”

Last month it was reported that the UK is seeing a record number of children, under the age of 16, identifying as transgender.

According to the UK Deed Poll Services, in the past five years, there has been a surge of parents seeking to change their child’s title from Miss to Master and vice versa.

The rise in transgender children now averages at least one child making the switch every single day.

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