Oligarchs Are Implementing a ‘Brave New World’

“The year 2032 will be 100 years since Huxley published his book. Maybe the UN is emulating a ‘Brave New World.’”

Nowadays the question “What is a woman?” seems to be very difficult for even the most educated medical experts. As part of the woke agenda, which refuses to acknowledge the biological differences between males and females, there is a push to redefine gender and gender roles in society. 

The early historical account from the Bible describes the creation of woman from Adam’s rib. God put Adam ‘under’ with some sort of anaesthesia and while he was asleep He took out one of his ribs and made a woman from it.

It is a medical fact that if you leave the perichondrium intact you can remove the complete rib bone and the rib will grow back. The perichondrium is a fibrous sheath of vascular connective tissue surrounding the rib cartilage, containing a source of progenitor stem cells required for rib regeneration. So Adam was not left with one less rib.

I think God chose to make woman from his rib because He wanted them to be equals, yet complementary. God did not choose a bone from Adam’s skull or Adam’s feet because he did not want one to lord it over the other.

In our current culture, the Marxist left is pushing a different agenda. Dismantle the traditional relationships and destroy the concept of man and woman. They now say you can identify as anything you like, male or female, or even a fairy or a unicorn. The asylum is being run by the inmates.

I know from our own experience about the cultural shift to the Left. My wife and I had 9 beautiful children. My wife stayed home to raise them while I went out to work to support them. When people questioned us about these traditional roles they often held a condescending attitude towards my wife who chose the role of caregiver to the children.

A woman cannot choose the mothering role. In fact, the words ‘mother’ and ‘father’ are trashed. They say the ‘birthing person’ should put the children into ‘childcare’ while the ‘birthing person’ continues in the workforce. This will only lead to earlier propaganda indoctrination of the children by the Marxists inhabiting the childcare and education systems. For goodness sake, we don’t want stay-at-home mothers or fathers even who raise their own children with good Conservative Christian values!

I have recently read a report that described the breakthrough of cloning a human from human cells, without the need for male sperm. The push is to eliminate the need for sexual reproduction and clone humans without a father or mother. Also currently artificial wombs are in development, which are being engineered to raise artificially created babies. Artificial breast milk is being developed, in fact, everything we took for granted as natural is being genetically created and/or modified. Artificial lab-grown ‘meat’, as a replacement of real meat. Of course, it is all patented. And everything artificial can’t possibly be healthy.

I can easily see how badly all this will go. It is all reminiscent of Aldous Huxley’s ‘Brave New World’, a dystopian novel published in 1932. The main premise of his book is asexual reproduction. The story is set in a future world where humans are genetically bred and pharmaceutically anesthetized to serve a ruling order.

Is that what we are being shoehorned into now? Slowly enough to not notice as the oligarchs build their wet-dream world that they can totally control. Humans as slaves of the oligarchs crafted after their own likeness, which is very ugly. No longer mothers and fathers but birthing persons and parenting persons where there are no genders.

This is to create chaos and through chaos, they intend to gain control of the world in their tyrannical stakeholder capitalism, their new world order. But if Huxley’s story is anything to go by, their plan will never succeed. People are not slaves and will always fight for freedom.

The oligarchs may succeed for a time but eventually, they will fail. Do not conform to this insidious program! Reject the Marxist racist propaganda. Use the words ‘woman’, ‘mother’ and ‘father’. A woman is an adult female. (There I said the quiet part out loud.) If the right age, and assuming she hasn’t been sterilized by the government with dangerous drugs like Soma from ‘Brave New World’, she is capable of producing children with the help of a fertile male, who has not been sterilised by surgery or chemicals.

But this is not the end of it. World governments are being urged to ramp up the Club of Rome program implemented by the World Economic Forum for global depopulation. This is also part of the ‘Brave New World’ storyline. Once a person reached a certain young age they were euthanised. It was all done in a very nice way with the drug Soma. Huxley used the idea of death conditioning, beginning at the age of eighteen months, to prepare people to graciously let the state kill them.

This folks is what we are being programmed for now. Many jurisdictions have liberalised euthanasia making it sound a good way out of a bad life. People have reported going to a hospital for nonlife-threatening problems only to be offered a ‘good death’ (euthanasia) as a remedy.

Recently Vanessa Kerry (John Kerry’s daughter) spoke at a World Economic Forum panel to discuss the elite’s plans to brainwash the public into accepting their fate in order to save the planet from so-called ‘global boiling.’ According to Kerry, the people of the world have been softened up by the COVID pandemic and they are now ‘emotionally’ ready to accept that culling (euthanizing) the vast majority of the population is in the best interests of humanity.

And this is portrayed as a rational logical step to save the world from overpopulation and dangerous global warming. This is the program of UN Agenda 2030. The year 2032 will be 100 years since Huxley published his book. Maybe the UN is emulating a ‘Brave New World.’

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