It’s OK

“We need to stop justifying what happened…”

Laura Klassen, director and founder of Choice42, has released the latest instalment in her animated EXPOSED series.

The heartbreaking short, titled “It’s OK,” premiered on The Steve Deace Show on The Blaze Network on Tuesday.

The episode reveals the origin of five different fetal cell lines and shows how they were created from the victims of abortion.

When asked why she decided to cover this topic after the two previous episodes on surgical abortion and IVF, Klassen said, the practice of harvesting fetal cell lines from aborted babies was not OK in the 60s, and it’s not OK now.

“I first became aware that fetuses were killed and harvested for fetal cell lines during COVID,” Klassen said. “When I began to research and explain my findings to others, they were always telling me, ‘Well, it’s ok because…’ and went on to list their justifications.

“Some said, ‘There was only one baby used in the 60s.’ Others, ‘There aren’t any more babies being aborted for this today.’ Still others, ‘The doctors just used the dead tissue post-abortion.’

“All false and none of it is ok,” she said. “We need to stop justifying what happened to these five babies (and many others) and take a closer look at what is going on in the medical research world.

“It’s not ok that it happened in the 60s, and it’s not ok that it’s happening now.” 

Renowned physician Ian Donald, a pioneer in ultrasound technology, said he witnessed the WI-38 dissections at the Karolinska Institute.

He stated, “Experiments were conducted on near-term, live aborted babies, who were not even given the mercy of anesthetic. They writhed and cried in agony, and once they were no longer useful, they were executed and discarded as waste.”


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