NSW Politicians Snub Parental Rights in Education Forum

“Their lack of response is cause for concern. Particularly considering the importance of the event and the issues discussed.”

Fourteen New South Wales politicians snubbed a parent’s rights and education forum held in Sydney last weekend.

Of the 16 specific NSW MPs and members of the NSW teacher’s union invited, only Mark Latham (One Nation) and Jason Clare (Labor) responded.

Labor Premier, Chris Minns didn’t even bother offering a reply.

Chided, new, and native-born Australians, are understandably frustrated.

“Their lack of response is cause for concern. Particularly considering the importance of the event and the issues discussed,” the PRCA event report recording the event stated.

It was, they said, a “missed opportunity to engage in meaningful dialogue, where these politicians, and educators could address parental concerns.”

PRCA then added, “This unwillingness to hear parents’ voices raises questions about their commitment to the community.”

The rude silence and noticeable absence of MPs illustrates the growing divide between the elected, and those they’re elected to represent.

This political middle finger to middle-eastern born Australians heightens the anxiety of a minority who’ve fled persecution, only to find themselves threatened by it once again.

Over 1,200 people packed the 920-seat Hurstville Entertainment Centre’s Marana Auditorium to discuss ‘parental rights and an inclusive education system.’

Their goal?

To “raise awareness and influence decision-makers, by amplifying the collective voice of parents and their concerns regarding the curriculum content.”

Among those attending were ethnic minority Australians, and former refugees.

The multi-faith initiative represented the area’s Christian and Shia Muslim communities.

Some had fled persecution in Iraq, and Iran, and were flexing their democratic rights for the first time.

Organised by the Australian non-profit group, Parental Rights Committee Australia (PRCA), there were 8 speakers brave enough to publicly talk about protecting kids and preserving rights.

PhD researcher in management science, Muhammad Abdulsater, stressed the importance of “nurturing strong values, and character development, alongside promoting academic excellence.”

Professor of philosophy, Brikha H. S. Nasoraia dug into the history of multi-ethnic societies, to show what they can teach us today.

Teacher, and children’s advocate, Dania Khochaiche, reinforced the importance of mum, and dad participation in education.

Medical professional, Ali Alsamail, offered supporting evidence while sociologist, Mohammed Wehbe shared his views on childhood development and education.

Also present was Dr. Con Kafataris, leader of the Australian Christian Alliance.

Kafataris defended religious freedom, parents’ rights, and the importance of legislating protections for both.

Adding to the gravity of the Hurstville event, Mr. Michael Andjelkovic, a firm friend of classical liberal freedoms, especially freedom of speech, and religion, put an emphasis on the PRCA’s shared platform.

This is a major community concern that appears to be lost on the majority of NSW politicians.

I think it’s also an example of the fractures slowly sinking multi-culturalism.

We are one nation, not many nations, with each individual group doing what’s right in their own eyes.

We come from many different cultures to live in freedom under a shared meta-culture of government by the people, for the people; with rights, responsibilities, and fair representation as upheld by English common law.

Politicians refusing to hear the voice of one group of Australians, while demanding they vote “yes” to an – unnecessary – Voice in the constitution for another group of Australians, is grossly unjust.

Undoubtedly, the bureaucratic snub thrown at those who attended the Parents Rights and Education forum legitimises their concerns.

If one cultural group, or shade of melanin, can be elevated into the constitution to make way for special treatment, and privileges, why not others?

Surely the precedent opens a door for those who identify as homosexual or transgender to get a special voice too?

This is despite the massive overrepresentation this group already enjoys.

What happens to parental rights, inclusion, and curriculum transparency, when learning ABCD, is buried by – already belligerent – foot soldiers serving CRT, or the LGBT?

What happens to the mums, and dads who speak out against adult entertainment, and indoctrination, disguised as education?

Examples from the United States are a litmus test for what kind of response parent rights groups can expect to be met with in Australia.

Moms 4 Liberty, a Florida-based organisation, were recently targeted by the far-left as extremists.

Their so-called extremism was defending a parent’s right to know, and have a say in what their child is taught.

Likewise, haters came after Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, for his parental rights initiatives.

Joe Biden attacked the 2024 presidential candidate telling him “your kids belong to us.”

The Democrat president was triggered by DeSantis removing the maths curriculum tainted by Cultural Marxist, “hate whitey” Critical Race Theory.

Going nuclear, the Woke world also went into meltdown over DeSantis’ Parents Rights in Education bill, which banned LGBTQ+ ideology from being taught in K-3.

They did the same over Florida’s backing of the Responsible Fatherhood Initiative, designed to get dads back on track.

Like much of Florida’s demographic, the Sydney event was comprised of persecuted minorities who’d fled the Middle East.

They now face LGBTQ+ lawfare activists, weak leaders, and another form of ‘convert, pay a tax or die,’ legislation.

There is no live and let live, neutrality. Parents are either an ally or they are the enemy.

Bureaucrats play a subsidiary, not a substitutionary role.

NSW politicians failing to show up failed to live out the former. Perhaps this is because they see themselves as the latter?

It’s this context that PRCA’s Uniting for Parental Rights forum last Saturday finds its broader significance.

Regardless of creed, and cultural heritage, preserving shared values, such as parental rights, and religious freedom, is in the interests of all Australians.

Government as God, is government gone wrong.

Parents do not co-parent with bureaucrats.

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