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No Jab, No Job: Jacinda Ardern Says “If They’re Not Vaccinated, They’re Moved On”

So, I guess it's 'My Body, My Choice' until the government says otherwise.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has said border workers who refuse to take the C0VID-19 vaccine will lose their job.

Ardern made the announcement during a press conference on Thursday after an Auckland MIQ worker tested positive for the virus. The Prime Minister is giving government and private employees until the end of April to take the vaccine.

“My expectation is that all our front line, border workers, for their own health and safety are vaccinated,” Ardern said. “We gave a set amount of time for that to happen, for those who wanted to work through information and to have time to be vaccinated.

“But as I said, from Monday, we start beginning the process of those who are not, being moved into other roles.

Ardern went on to say: “The vast majority have been vaccinated. Some will be government agencies, some, however, as in this case, will be someone who’s working for a private company. In those cases, the private companies are obliged to make sure that individuals have been vaccinated. From next week, we start working through the individual data to ensure that those who are expected to be vaccinated have been. If they’re not, they’re moved on.”

So, I guess it’s ‘My Body, My Choice’ until the government says otherwise.

Ardern announced last week that the entire population would receive just the Pfizer vaccine to make it fair for all citizens to get the same vaccine.

“This brings out total Pfizer order to 10 million doses or enough for 5 million people to get the two shots needed to be fully vaccinated against C0VID-19,” Ardern said in a statement.