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The media know nothing about Lauren Southern, that’s why they never quote her or engage with her ideas.

Lauren Southern’s Australian tour wrapped up this week, and to the surprise of many dooms-day alarming Leftists, Australia somehow survived.

You’d almost be forgiven for thinking we were about to witness the death of democracy considering the media coverage. Almost every media outlet in the country had something to say about the alt-right, far-right, right-wing, homophobic, transphobic, white-supremacist, fascist, anti-feminist, Nazi, racist 23-year-old Canadian.

But even Joe Hildebrand noted last week, “most of the news articles I’ve read don’t actually outline what her ideas are. Instead she is typically just referred to as racist, Islamophobic, anti-feminist and homophobic.”

Rather than actually engaging with Southern’s ideas, we’ve seen behavior more consistent with the cringe-worthy exchange between Southern and her protesters, which revealed the protesters actually had no idea what they were even protesting. Instead, they just shouted “Racist dog! Racist dog!” like children in a school play ground.

But Lauren Southern says she’s not the crazy person the media makes her out to be. In fact, it’s likely your sensible grandparents would agree with much of what she has to say.

Appearing with Rowan Dean and Ross Cameron on Sky News, seemingly the only network to give her a fair go, Southern explained:

I don’t think I’m a particularly special person. There are lots of people that are smarter than me, that have gone through more schooling than I have. The only thing that, I would say, sets me apart from a lot of people is I’m willing to ask questions that other people won’t. And I’m willing to say hard truths that other people won’t…

Anyone who has ever challenged the status quo throughout history has been considered a provocateur. All I do is question the current order and that’s why people hate me. If you had been a women’s rights activist a hundred years ago they would get called the exact same names as me. If you had been like Martin Luther posting those notes on the church, he was a provocateur of his age.

I am not a crazy person, as much as the media would like to label me. In fact, my opinions were quite the standard opinions fifty years ago. The only thing that has changed is our culture has radicalised more and more to the left, and I’ve stayed kind of in the center. And therefore, as that Overton window changes I look more and more far away from the status quo…

So, on behalf of all those Australians who have actually taken the time to hear what you’re saying, thank you. Thank you for saying what many people feel they can’t. And thank you for coming all the way to Australia to say it. We look forward to your next visit.


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