New Habitable Worlds, Aliens, and New Organisms Existing in Interplanetary Space

“Here we have another effort of pagans searching for their own gods.”

The SKA Observatory has finally started to be constructed. It is an enormous radio telescope that has been a very long time in the making. It is a scientific project to look into space, listening in the radio part of the spectrum. But what is it really about?

An article published on March 31, 2024, on RT carries the headline ‘Looking for aliens: Humanity unleashes AI and the largest ever telescope to search for life among the stars. (Emphasis added).

It is about the construction of the largest radio telescope ever developed. This means largest in geographical extent with antennas in the Karoo, South Africa, an array of 197 traditional dish antennas separated by 150 km, and Western Australia with 131,072 two-meter-high Christmas-tree-like antennas in Western Australia separated by 65 km.

Artificial Intelligence (AI), meaning massive computing power and large databases, will be added to this infrastructure. There are 16 nations involved in what is dubbed the ‘Square Kilometer Array Observatory (SKAO)’.

I remember more than a decade ago the scientists involved were saying that the computing power needed had not yet been invented. Well, perhaps with India’s contribution of a new supercomputer data processing centre and recent developments in AI technology that day has arrived.

Here’s the primary claim.

This confluence of radio astronomy and artificial intelligence (AI) will help observe the births and deaths of the first stars and search for habitable planets and extraterrestrial life.

SKAO will help understand the genesis of our universe, search for aliens or extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI), spot another potentially habitable world by identifying planets similar to ours, and pick up the birth pangs of new stars or the death throes of old ones millions of light-years away. (Emphasis added)

Such claims are not new. The difference now is the use of AI.

Sci-fi or unfolding reality? Interdisciplinary teams of scientists and domain experts in AI are set to accelerate discoveries of new habitable worlds, aliens, and new organisms existing in interplanetary space besides rolling out products for applications like the early forecast of storms in space and on Earth, among others, with this combination of old data and AI tools.

What is new is the advancement in AI, to be used to process the data faster and attempt to identify targets like advanced alien intelligence and even life in interplanetary space.

One of the goals is to understand the genesis of the universe. Since nearly the beginning of time humans have looked everywhere for an answer to this question but in the one place that really counts, the book of Genesis, the first book in the Bible. There we are told where the universe came from; where life came from. They are the creation of God, the Creator of all things. The answer is not in space but in the Word of God. Because man rejects the Creator’s Word he has to look elsewhere.

Along with that search he looks for life elsewhere in the universe that arose spontaneously without the Creator. If life allegedly arose by chance on Earth some 4 billion years ago, from pond scum, and evolved to the present advanced technological state, then surely it must have arisen on myriad planets scattered throughout the universe? That is the logic the misotheistic mind employs.

This new telescope will be looking for signs of alien life on some extra-solar planets ‘out there somewhere’, even for living organisms in interplanetary space. Most of all humankind wants to find extra-terrestrial intelligence. This means that it evolved by only material means, that is, no Creator was involved. If no Creator then man is not subject to God’s laws, His rules of life. Mankind can do as they please. They are freed from all restraints!

The SKAO is just another Tower of Babel. Humans believing they are become as gods, that they are masters of their own destiny. And you know what happened to that tower last time!

In their efforts they may indeed find aliens but they won’t be from outer space but from inner space, interdimensional beings. These reptilian-like beings have been plaguing mankind for thousands of years, ever since his rejection of God in the Garden of Eden. Here we have another effort of pagans searching for their own gods.

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