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Netflix implies boys are better off without fathers.

Last week Netflix released a trailer to their latest documentary titled, Feminists: What Were They Thinking?

The film is said to be about women breaking free from the “cultural restrictions of their childhood” that prevented them from embracing their “full humanity.” But it’s the final scene of the trailer that’s raising eyebrows.

The closing remarks made by executive producer Cheryl Swannack suggest boys are better off without fathers in their lives.

I see it in the next generation already. The men I know who are raised by single mothers are different men – the young people who don’t care what race someone is are different people. And we contributed to that.

Cassie Jay, director of The Red Pill tweeted, “Coming from someone who has edited movie trailers, I think it’s telling that the ending statement implies that it’s better for boys to not have fathers.”

“Shouldn’t a movement for gender equality know that there’s a boy crisis?,” she added.


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