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Muslims petition Parliament for Islamic public holidays, want non-Muslims to also recognise Islamic celebrations.

Muslims are petitioning the Australian Parliament to recognise and establish two national public holidays in celebration of Eid al adha and Eid Ul-Fitr.

“The Muslim Community have two very important celebrations each year,” the petition states. “However the community feels they need more time to celebrate it..”

They have also asked that the two Islamic holidays be recognized by those who do not follow Islam saying, they “want it recognized within the wider community.”

According to the Daily Mail, the petition has so far gathered close to 2,500 signatures and is expected to be presented on October 15.

Meanwhile, Tommy Robinson has sent a message to Australians warning them to learn from Britain’s mistakes.

“The main thing is, you must learn from our mistakes. You must look at Britain, you must see the path our politicians have led us down. A path of fear, intimidation, death and destruction. A path where the public are scared to even give their opinion.”

“People are losing their jobs because of their comments on Facebook and Twitter. People are being censored. People are being put in prison for speaking the truth.”

“All of this is on its way to your country. You need to prepare yourself,” Robinson said.


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