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Muslim threatens to kill Christian evangelist and harm his family, Facebook BANS the victim for sharing a screenshot of the threat

A Christian apologist from the United States was banned by Facebook recently after he shared a screenshot of a death threat he received from a Muslim.

David Wood, founder of Acts 17 Apologetics Ministry, posted a video on YouTube this week, accusing the social media giant of repeatedly banning him on “completely bogus charges.”

Facebook accused Wood of violating Community Standards on multiple occasions. One violation included posting a famous historic photograph of Adolf Hitler’s meeting with the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, for which Wood copped a three-day ban.

Hours after the ban was lifted, Facebook accused Wood of violating Community Standards again, temporarily banning him for a further 7 days. This time, for a link Wood shared FOUR-YEARS earlier, containing a screenshot of a death threat he’d received from a Muslim.

Wood was then banned again for violating Community Standards after he shared a historic photograph of a man who refused to give the Nazi salute. “Be this guy,” Wood said in the caption.

“This is a famous picture of a group of workers who were told to salute Hitler. And one guy just stood there and wouldn’t salute. I said that we should be the guy that refuses to salute Hitler… and Facebook replied, ‘You can’t say that on our platform,” Wood explained.

“I’m telling people not to submit to fascists, and Facebook decides to ban me for it. What has this platform become?”


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